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What is a Technology Control Plan (TCP)?

A TCP is a document that describes the security plan in situations where there is export controlled information and/or items. TCPs are created by the Export Compliance Officer, endorsed by the Vice President for Research and signed by all involved parties.

When May a Technology Plan be Required?

A TCP is required for all research work involving an ITAR or EAR export issue or any other restrictions (publication, foreign national restrictions) that remove the work from the Fundamental Research Exclusion.

What is Included in a Technology Control Plan?

The TCP includes: (as appropriate)

  • Physical and information security plan
  • Personnel screening procedures
  • Process for carrying out the research in a controlled environment
  • Document compliance with the contract terms and conditions
  • RF project number and title, PI name, department/laboratory, location (laboratory/building), sponsor, plan purposes, description of plan for protection of technology
How Can I Contact SBU's Export Compliance Officer?