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Export Licenses 
Who can apply for an export license? 

Only the designated empowered official may apply for a license. 

Consultation with the Export Compliance Officer should be made prior to shipping or sending any export controlled items, technical data, or technology internationally (including Canada) or sharing any export controlled technology or technical data with a foreign person in the U.S.

What Information is Required to Evaluate if a License is Required?
  • What is being shipped/shared?
  • What country? 
    •        If shipping/sharing outside of the U.S. - what is the destination country? 
    •        If sharing inside the U.S. with a foreign person - what is their home country?
  • Who is it being shipped to (person and entity)?
  • What is the intended use of the item?
  • What else do they (the recipient) do?
How Long Does it Take to Receive a License?

Depending upon the details of the export transaction and the regulatory agency involved, licenses can take up to six months to receive. Licenses for activities to embargoes/sanctioned countries may take up to one year.

How Can I Contact SBU's Export Compliance Officer?