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Giving us


There are several ways you can remain involved with the Department of European Languages, Literatures & Cultures after you graduate:

  • Let us know where your career path takes you!
  • Write to us to tell us what you are doing now.
  • We might like to interview you for an alumni profile.
  • You could serve as a resource for students considering a career similar to yours.
  • Consider whether your place of employment can provide an internship or a job opportunity for one of our students.


Help us maintain our tradition of excellence

We truly appreciate your support! Support for the Department of European Languages, Literatures & Cultures helps us to support our students.

What we do:

  • We help students to build their communicative proficiency in the languages we teach;
  • We help students to understand the linguistic and cultural connotations of World Languages;
  • We help students to develop intercultural comprehension and communicative skills;
  • We help our students to develop the skills that they need to compete in the global marketplace.

Your support will help us to provide scholarships to our students, including those studying to become World Language teachers.

Your generosity, whether it's the renewal of your support or the decision to give for the first time, allows us to better support our students. We’re grateful for your contributions.  


You can donate to the department directly through either planned giving or outright gifts, which often carry special tax incentives.

Give Online

You can give directly online through the Stony Brook Foundation. You can opt to donate to the European Languages Fund for Excellence, or any one of our individual funds.  Some examples are listed below.

Give by Mail 

You can write a check payable to Stony Brook Foundation, Fund # xxxxxx, and mail it directly to us at: 

Department of European Languages, Literatures & Cultures, Chairperson 
Stony Brook University 
2128 Humanities Building
Stony Brook, NY 11794-5359

Contact Us

We can talk about your interests and help you match your passion with the best opportunity to give. 

We thank you for your support!

Funds that need your support:

    • European Languages Fund For Excellence A/C 299520 
    • Department of French A/C 265970
    • Latin and/or CLS Studies A/C 244810

We thank you  for your support!