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Medieval Studies

The minor in Medieval Studies (MVL) offers students the opportunity to acquire an understanding of the historical, cultural, and social forces that shaped Western Civilization during the European Middle Ages. Under the direction of an adviser from the Medieval Studies Program faculty, the student must establish an advisement folder with the minor coordinator and construct a program of at least 21 credits fulfilling the requirements listed in this page.


All courses offered to fulfill the requirements of the minor must be passed with a grade of C or higher.

  1. MVL 141
  2. One of the following: HIS 235, 236, MVL 242
  3. Three of the following courses in medieval philosophy, art, music, or literature, of which two must be numbered 300 or above and which must include two different designators:
    • ANT 361 Peasants (May be used only if topic is relevant)
    • ARH 101 Art in Culture from Prehistoric Times to the Age of the Cathedrals, ca 1400 A.D.
    • ARH 305 Art and Culture of the Middle Age
    • CSL 211 Literary Survey: Medieval through Late Renaissance
    • EGL 300 Old English Literature
    • EGL 302 Medieval Literature in English
    • EGL 340 Chaucer
    • GER 338 History of the German Language
    • HUI 216 Italian Civilization through the Ages
    • HUI 235 Sex, Love and Tragedy in Italian Medieval Literature (Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarch)
    • HUL 424 Linguistics of Romance Languages
    • HIS 101 The Early Middle Ages
    • HIS 236 The Late Middle Ages (if not used above)
    • HIS 235, Ealry Medieval Europe (if not used above)
    • HIS 236, Late Medieval Europe (if not used above)
    • HIS 360/VNS 360, Women in Premodern Europe
    • HIS 390 Crusades and Society
    • ITL 424 History of the Italian Language
    • ITL 431, 432 Italian Literature of the 13th- and 14th-century
    • LAT 355 Early Medieval Latin
    • LAT 356 Late Medieval Latin
    • MUS 350 Western Music before 1600
    • MVL 241 Heroes in Literature (if not used above)
    • PHI 304 Medieval Philosophy
    • RLS 270 Christianity
    • RLS 310 Biblical Theology

      Note: Additional relevant courses may be become available. Check with the Medieval Studies Coordinator
  4. HIS 451 or MVL 447 - Colloquium in Medieval History or Directed Reading in Medieval Studies: 3 credits

One semester of college study of Latin or a relevant European foreign language at the intermediate level or beyond. Students are encouraged to complete two semesters of intermediate European foreign language: 3 credits

(See Undergraduate Bulletin for course descriptions)


Patricia Belanoff, English

Charles Franco, European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Sarah Fuller , Music

William Godfrey, European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Jacques Guilmain, Art

Thomas Kerth, European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Helen Lemay, History

Sara Lipton , History

Anita Moskovitz, Art

Joaquin Martinez-Pizarro, English

Joel Rosenthal, History

Walter Scheps, English

Stephen Spector, English 


Nicholas Rzhevsky, Program Coordinator