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The minor in Classics provides students with a knowledge of the Latin language and its literature as well as broad knowledge of the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. Students must complete five courses in the Latin language and select two courses from a mixture of courses with classical content from offerings in classics, classical languages, and related courses from other departments.

The student must select at least five courses from group I, and two courses from groups II through IV. Nine credits in the minor must be from courses numbered 252 or above, for a total of 21 credits. Substitutions may be permitted for other courses with classical content with permission of the CLS Program Coordinator. No more than one of the courses required for the minor may be taken under the Pass/No Credit option.  Completion of the minor requires 21 credits.

Group I:
  • LAT 111 Elementary Latin I
  • LAT 112 Elementary Latin II
  • LAT 251 Readings in Latin Literature I
  • LAT 252 Readings in Latin Literature II
  • LAT 353 Literature of the Roman Republic
  • LAT 354 Literature of the Roman Empire
  • LAT 355 Early Medieval Latin
  • LAT 356 Late Medieval Latin
  • LAT 447 Directed Readings in Latin
Group II:
  • CLS 113 Greek and Latin Literature in Translation
  • CLL 215 Classical Mythology
  • CLS 225 The Classical Tradition
  • CLS 447 Independent Study
Group III:
  • ARH 300 Greek Art and Architecture
  • ARH 301 Roman Art and Architecture
 Group IV:
  • PHI 200 Introduction to Ancient Philosophy
  • PHI 300 Ancient Philosophy


Kathleen De Riesthal,   Coordinator