European Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Department Programs


The department offers the following programs:

1. On campus

Graduate Programs: 

MA in Romance Languages

MAT in French and in Italian This program is offered through the School of Professional Development

Combined BA/MAT

Available to Students in the Teaching Preparation Program

Undergraduate Programs:

Classical Civilization

European Studies

French Language and Literature

German Language and Literature

Italian Studies

Italian American Studies

Medieval Studies

Russian Studies

Teacher Preparation Program: With the cooperation of the School of Professional Development, the Department also offers a graduate and undergraduate curriculum for the training of secondary language teachers in French, German and Italian through a program that conforms with the regulations of the New York State Regents Guidelines.


2.  International Academic Programs and Opportunities

Students are strongly recommended to study abroad in France, Germany, and in Italy.

For information contact our department, or the Office of International Academic Programs by clicking here

Students who wish to study in Rome for a semester will find details by clicking here

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