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BA, French and Secondary Education, Spanish minor, D'Youville College, NY; MS, French and Secondary Education, LIU, NY

Co-Director, ACE Program

OFFICE: HUM 1067  631-632-7445

Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 5:30-6:30; Friday, 4:00-5:00, and by appointment



Special Interests and Expertise

Working with the Less-Able Learner

Nontraditional Teaching Techniques

Quebec Culture and History
Using Music and Film to Teach Language
Francophone Cinema

Francophone Music
Global Simulation Scenarios


Awards and Special Recognition

Presentations and Workshops


Courses Taught at Stony Brook

FLA 339/449: Methods and Materials of Teaching Foreign Language

FLA 505/549: Methods of Teaching Foreign Language

FLA 451/452: Supervised Student Teaching

FLA 454:  Student Teaching Seminar

FLA 551/552: Supervised Student Teaching

FLA 554:  Student Teaching Seminar

FRN 111:  Elementary French I

FRN 112:  Elementary French II

FRN 101:  Intensive Elementary French

FRN 211:  French Comparisons and Connections

FRN 212:  French Cultures and Communities

FRN 447:  Directed Readings in French

FRN 500:  Techniques of Readings for Graduate Research

HUF 211:  French and Francophone Cinema

HUF 216:  French Civilization

HUF 475:  Teaching Practicum I



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