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Mario B. Mignone

BA, City College of New York (CUNY), 1967; MA, Rutgers University, 1970; Ph.D, Rutgers University, 1972

Professor, 1983-2001

SUNY Distinguished Service Professor 2001-present

Director of Center for Italian Studies: 1985 to present

Office: Center for Italian Studies, Tel: 1-631/632 7444


Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1:00-2:00 and by appointment. 


Administrative Positions    

SUNY at Stony Brook :     

Director of Undergraduate Studies, 1977-1981

Director of Graduate Studies, 1981-1987

Founder and Director of Summer Program in Rome, 1980 - present

Founder and Director of Academic Year in Rome, 1985 - present

Founder & Director; Center for Italian Studies, 1985-present

Chairman, Department of French and Italian, 1988-97

Founder and Director of Winter Program in Rome, 2006


Appointed Positions

Member of Advisory Board, Florence University of the Arts 2008-present

Member of College Council, SUNY at Old Westbury 2005-present

Chair of Grant Committee, NIAF (National Italian American Foundation), 2007 and 2008


Honors and Awards

Best Teacher Departmental Award given by students, Commencement 1973

SUNY Faculty Research Fellowship, Summer 1973

SUNY Faculty Research Fellowship, Summer 1975

SUNY Faculty Research Fellowship, Summer 1978

Commendation for Outstanding Teaching from Vice Provost Spanier, 1985

Appreciation for Exceptional Service to Undergraduate Education, 1986

Appreciation for Exceptional Service to Undergraduate Education, 1993

SUNY Grant: Conversations in the Disciplines, 1987

President’s Mini Grant for Dialogue Across Cultures 2001-2002

Pope Foundation Grants:From 1987 to 1996: $30,000 every year

Special State Legislative Grant Project for the Center for Italian Studies, 1987-88: $15,000; 1988-85:$30,000; 1989-90: $35,000; 1990-91: $18,000; 1991-92: $20,920;1992-93: $26,500; 1993-94: $172,000; 1994-95: $172,000; 1995-96:$172,000; 1996-97: $150,000; 1997-98: $75,000; 1998-99:$200,000; 1999-2000:205,000; 2000-01: $ 205,000; 2001-02: $195,000; 2002-03: $195,000; 2003-04: $175,000, 2004-05: $180,000

2005-06: $180,000, 2006-07: $175; 2007-08: $175,000, 2008-09: $185,000

NIAF: 2005: $10,000, 2006: $8,000

Grants from Suffolk County: 2003: $2,500; 2004: $3,000; 2005: $5,000

Town of Brookhaven: 2003: $5,000; 2004: $5,000; 2005:$5,000

UUP: 2011: $1,000,  2012: $1,000


Endowments Created 

Alfonse M. D'Amato Endowed Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies; the first endowed chair in the college of Arts and Sciences at Stony Brook: $1.5 million

Roberto and Palmina Mignone Fellowship in Italian and Italian American Studies

Endowment for Center for Italian Studies


National Recognitions:

Association of Italian American Educators, Special Service Award, 2003.

Special Service Award from the Conference of New York State Italian American Legislators, 2005

Special Recognition Award from New York State Grand Lodge Order Sons of Italy in America, 2006

Member of SUNY Distinguished Academy 2011-present

Outstanding AchievementAward, American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI), 2012


International Recognitions:

Conferred the honorary title of “Cavaliere al Merito della Repubblica Italiana”  by the President of Italian Republic, 1998

“Gladiatore d’Oro per la Cultura” from the Province of Benevento, Italy, 2005

Distinguished Service Award, American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI), 2012


Editorial Work 

Editor, Forum Italicum, 1986-present.

Editor, Filibrary (book Series), published 41 volumes

Co-editor, Nuovi Paradigmi (Salerno: Edisud), 2008 to present




1.  Il teatro di Eduardo De Filippo: Critica sociale (Rome: Trevi, 1974), pp. 286.

2.  Anormalità e angoscia nella narrativa di Dino Buzzati (Ravenna: Longo, 1981), pp. 150.

3.  Eduardo De Filippo (Boston: Twayne, World Authors Series, 1984), pp. 219.

4.  Pirandello in America, ed.; (Rome: Bulzoni: 1988), pp. 292.

5.  Columbus: Meeting of Cultures, ed.; (New York: Forum Italicum, 1993), pp. 113.

6.  Homage to Moravia, co-ed.; (New York: Forum Italicum, 1993), pp. 175.

7.  Italy Today: A Country in Transition (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 1995), pp. 256.

8.  Italy Today: At the Crossroads of the New Millennium (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 1998),

pp. 458.

9. Italy Today: Facing the Challenger of the New Millennium (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2008), pp. 464

10. Altreitalie: Cittadinanza e diritto al voto, ed., (New York: Forum Italicum Publishing, 2008), pp.101.

11. Leuco’ va in America: Cesare Pavese nel centenario della nascita, ed. (Salerno: Edisud, 2010) pp. 303.

12. Explorers, Emigrants, Citizens: A Visual History of the Italian American Experience from the Collections of the Library of Congress , co-ed with my forward and three Introductions (Washington, Library of Congress, 2013)

13. The Story of My People: From Rural Southern Italy to Mainstream America (New York, Bordighera, 2015)



About fifty articles dealing with Twentieth Century Italian theater, fiction and poetry, migration, politics. 


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