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Tatyana I. Grenkov        

B.A. with  Summa Cum Laude and M.A.. Saint Petersburg University, Russia. Russian philology, Old Russian Literature and language( XI-XVII cc.). PhD in Comparative Literature , Stony Brook University,1991.


Office: Humanities 1144




Medieval and Renaissance literature and its interrelations with arts.

World religions and mythology.

Western culture, civilization, history, literature, philosophy, and arts.

Greco-Roman and Medieval philosophy

Literary genres: heroic epic, hagiography, novel, poetry, and medieval romance.

Theory of literature.

All levels of Russian language.

Russian and Soviet literature.

Old Russian literature and language (XI-XVII centuries).

Russian philology.

Russian philosophy, history, culture, and civilization.

History and philosophy of ideas.



-Translation of Russian Theater Dictionary (work in progress).

-“The Philosophy of Nonresistance to Evil in Medieval Russia” in: The Humanities on the Birth of the Third Millemium. Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey, 5-6 June 2000. Binghamton: Institute of Global Cultural Studies, Binghamton U, 2001.

-The Tale of Igor, translation of the eleventh-century Old Russian heroic epic; “Introduction” and “Notes” in:Anthology of Russian Culture: Literary Texts, ed. by Nicholas Rzhevsky.  Armonk: M.E. Sharp, 1996: 11-20, 553-554.

-Selected poems: A Break in the Clouds: The National Library of Poetry ed. by Cynthia A. Stevens. Owings Mills:Watermark P, 1993: 16.

-Selected poems: Brook Spring ’93. Stony Brook: S.U.N.Y., 1993; 59.

-Selected poems: Brook Spring ’92. Stony Brook: S.U.N.Y., 1992; 12-13.

-Selected poems: Brook Spring ’91. Stony Brook: S.U.N.Y., 1991; 30.

-Selected poems: Brook Spring ’88. Stony Brook: S.U.N.Y., 1988;  3, 42.

 -Editorial Assistant for Chekhov Reconstructed: New Translation of The Seagull, Uncle Vanja, Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard. Tr., ed. by E.J. Czerwinski. Slavic and East    European Arts, Vol. 4 No. 2 (Fall 1986).



MVL 241        Heroes and Warriors (Medieval Heroic Epic)

HUR 142        Culture and Revolution (Russian Revolution)

CEI 501         Foundations of the Humanities

HUR 235        Crime and Punishment

HUE 269         Superheroes and Villains (proposed course)

HUR 341        Dostoevsky and the West

EGL 269         The Allegory of Love (proposed course)

EUR 101         Foundations of European Culture

EUR 201         Development of European Culture

AMR 102         Making American Identities

HUE 269         History of Beauty (proposed course)           

HUE 269         Terrorism and LiteratureHUR/EGL 231   Saints and Fools

HUR 341        Forbidden Texts

HUE 269         Masks and Memory: Nabokov                      

HUM 123        Sin and Sexuality in Literature

CLT 221/RUS 292   Literary Survey:Medieval Literature through Late Renaissance/ 

                     Saintly Heroes: Old Russian Literature (XI- XVII centuries) 

RUS 201         Intermediate Russian I

RUS 202         Intermediate Russian II

RUS 221         Advance Conversation and Composition I (in Russian)

RUS 222         Advanced Conversation and Composition II (in Russian)

RUS 323         Russian Literary Texts: Survey of Russian Literature, (in Russian)


-Chair of the Session: DAC Among Ancient Cult  Mesopotamia”. The 20th Annual SSIPS/SAGP/ISNS/ACPA International Conference on Ancient  and Medieval Philosophy & Dialogue Among Civilizations, Binghamton Universty, New York (October, 26-28, 2001).

 - “Self, Russia and the World in Medieval Russian Philosophy”. The 20th Annual SSIPS/SAGP/ISNS/ACPA International Conference on Ancient and Medieval Philosophy & Dialogue Among Civilizations, Binghamton  U., New York (October, 26-28, 2001).

 -“The Philosophy of Nonresistance to Evil in Medieval Russia”.The Humanities on the Birth of the Third Millennium: An International Conference  (June 12-13, 2000), Middle East Technical University and Ankara University, Ankara,Turkey.

  -Chair of the Session: “Research on the Humanities and Literature”. Symposium on the Humanities and the History of Philosophy (June 7-9, 2000) Dokuz Eylul University; Izmir, Turkey.

 -“The Philosophy of Nonresistance to Evil in Medieval Russia “. International Conference in Commemoration of the 700th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Ottoman State (June 5-6, 2000), Fatih University; Istanbul, Turkey.

 -“The Notion of an Author in the Middle Ages”. Twenty-First Medieval Forum (April 14-15, 2000),Plymouth University, New Hampshire.

 -“The Militia Christi- The Two-edged Sword of Christianity”. Institute of Global Studies (IGCS) of Binghamton University S.U.N.Y.; 18th Annual Conference: Global and Multicultural Dimensions of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and Literary Thought (October 23-24,1999), Binghamton  University, NY,

-“The Drachenkaempfe and Hagiography". Twentieth Medieval Forum (April 16-17, 1999), Plymouth University, New Hampshire. 

 -“Hagiography and the Vita Christi”. Eighteenth Medieval Forum (April 18-19, 1997), Plymouth University, New Hampshire.

-“In Quest of the Self: From ‘Nobody’ to Odysseus”. Dowling College International and Mediterranean Studies Conference XVII, (July 1995),  Spain.

 -“Life of a Saintly Hero: Russian Princes’ Vitae".  Fifteenth  Medieval Forum (April 22-23, 1994), Plymouth University, New Hampshire.

 -Moderator of the section “Saints and Sinners”. Fourteenth Medieval Forum (April 16-17, 1993), Plymouth University, New Hampshire.

 -“Aetates Mundi, Hominis, Animae et Sanctorum: Giambattista Vico’s Ages of the World and the Age of the Saintly Heroes”.  Fourteenth Medieval  Forum (April 16-17, 1993), Plymouth University, New Hampshire.

-“Life of a Saintly Hero- Militia Christi”. AATSEEL Conference (December 28-30, 1992), New York.

-“Women in the Soviet Union”. Stony Brook University, Fall 1990.

 -“The Shape of Evil in Beowulf". Eleventh Medieval Forum (April 20-21, 1990), Plymouth University, New Hampshire.

 -“The Soviet Union Today". Stony Brook University, Fall 1988.

 -WUSB 90.1 FM ,Stony Brook University. " Poets Eye", interview, reading original poems in English and Russian (Spring 1988), Stony Brook, New York.



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