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(BA, Università di Genova; MA, University of Notre Dame; Ph.D, Yale University)

Associate Professor

Former Fellow, Humanities Institute at Stony Brook (2015)

Office: Humanities Building, 2123 



 Research Interests

European Romanticism

Theories of Canon Formation

Modernist and Postmodernist Theories

My research focuses on European literature and cultural history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; the list of my recent publications includes “Un entomologo in India: l’orientalismo consapevole di Guido Gozzano,” ISSA 24.2 (2011); Italy from Without (edited, SAGE, 2013)“Betting Against Themselves: Conflicting Conceptions of Love in Così fan tutte, o: la scola degli amantiMLN 130.1 (2015); “European Man and Writer: Romanticism, the Classics, and Political Action in the Exemplary Life of Ugo Foscolo,” (The Oxford Handbook of European Romanticism, 2015); and Versi e Prose: Marinetti traduce Mallarmé (Società Editrice Fiorentina, forthcoming). Montale, the Modernist, which discusses the belonging of the Nobel-prize-winning Italian poet Eugenio Montale in the Anglo-American category of modernism, will be published by Olschki in 2016; the edition of G.A. Borgese's unpublished drama, "La fuga in Egitto," is under examination at Einaudi. A complete list of my publications, conferences, awards, and courses can be found in my CV.
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