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Alfonse M. D’Amato Professor of Italian and Italian American Studies, in the Department of  European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, at Stony Brook University, NY.


 --Ph.D., New York University, Dept of French & Italian, 1983 (Thesis Title: The Problem of Method and the Hermeneutic Perspective).


-- (Studied at Univ. of Bologna 1973-74, & the Univ. of Chicago 1975-76);


--M.A. in Italian (1975), City College/CUNY


--B.A. in English (1973), City College/CUNY.






                    Books Published


--La funzione Proteo. Ragioni della poesia e poetiche della fine. Roma, Aracne Editrice, 2014 (418 pp). Sixteen studies, essays and interviews which span over thirty years of my work, mostly on Italian poetics and the avant-gardes, and on authors Spatola, Porta, Valesio, Oberto, Milazzo, Rimanelli, with chapters on American expats Gertrude Stein and Madison Morrison.


--The Elusive Hermes. Method, Discourse, Interpreting(Aurora (CO), Davies Group Publishing, 2012; 486 pp). Entirely rewritten and augmented versions of the 1996 Il fantasma di Hermes, and the 2002 Dei parlanti, this book is a general theory of interpretation that explores the co-enabling relation between method and rhetoric, and is anchored on the trichotomy Interpreter, Work, Interpreting process. Tested through additional studies on Sophists, Hegel, Peirce, and contemporary authors on the philosophy of rhetoric.


-- Sulle tracce di Hermes. Migrare, narrare, riorientarsi (Milano, Morellini, 2012; 192 pp). Three long papers dealing with the phenomenology of the journey, the theory of migration (transl. from English), and the origins of Italian emigration to the United States. Previously published and now expanded, with Introduction.


--Del Postmoderno. Critica e cultura in America all’alba del duemila (Milano, Bompiani, 2009; 620 pp). Gathers 20 years of studies and essays on postmodernism in American culture, with chapters on popular culture, post-colonial studies, feminism, globalization, literary theory, public intellectuals, utopism, higher education, philosophy and history. English version forthcoming in 2014.


--Dei Parlanti. Studi e ipotesi su metodo e retorica dell’interpretare (Torino: Marcovalerio, 2002; 300 pp). Continuation  of Hermes project (see next entry), with studies in the rhetorical hermeneutics present in the work of  P. Valesio, G. Hartman, L. Pareyson, P. Ricoeur, G. Vico.


--Il fantasma di Hermes. Saggio su metodo, retorica, interpretare (Lecce: Milella, 1996; 420 pp.) New analyses of the notions of method, theory and rhetoric, and implications for hermeneutics; from Aristotle and Plato through Descartes, Husserl, Gadamer, Perelman, De Man.


--Prefaces to the Diaphora. Rhetorics, Allegory, and the Interpretation of Postmodernity (W. Lafayette: Purdue Univ. Press, 1991; 350 pp). With studies on avant-gardes vs postmodernism, a rethinking of rhetoric and allegory, Nietzsche, D’Annunzio, Vattimo,  Lyotard, and Heidegger.


                Co‑Edited Books  


--Poesaggio. Poeti italiani d'America (with P. Valesio). (Treviso: Pagus, 1994; 302 pp). Wrote Introduction, poems, and essay on poetics. This is the very first gathering of 12 Italian poets living in the US, establishing the beginning of an italophone literature abroad.


-‑Postmoderno e letteratura. Percorsi e visioni della critica in America (with P. Spedicato). (Milano: Bompiani, 1984; 340 pp); with chapter on Yale Critics, translated four of 14 American authors. This book is credited with having launched the debate on postmodernism in Italy.


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