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Robert K. Bloomer 

Ph.D., The University of Michigan

Associate Professor of German

Coordinator of German Programs


Research Interests
German Morphology (Inflection and Word-Formation)
German Etymology
Foreign-Language Pedagogy 

Recently Published Book
German-English Dictionary of Nominal Derivations, 2015. LINCOM Studies in Germanic Linguistics, 30. München: LINCOM GmbH, 395 pages.  

Courses Taught at Stony Brook
GER 111-112 Elementary German I-II
GER 211-212 Intermediate German I-II
GER 311-312 Conversation and Composition I-II
GER 313 German Vocabulary in Conceptual Groups
GER 438/539 Structure of Modern German
GER 439/557 History of the German Language
GER 447 Directed Readings in German
GER 500 Intensive Reading German
GER 558 Middle High German
GER 581 Independent Study
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