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2020 Virtual Degree Conferral Celebration


Message from the Dean


Congratulations Department of European Languages, Literatures & Cultures Class of 2020, and to the parents, partners, siblings, and friends who supported them. Thank you for joining us to honor our students and be a part of this special celebration. 

The past couple of months have brought new challenges unlike many of us have ever known. I applaud each of you, our amazing Seawolves in your Stony Brook red. Our courageous and dedicated students who did not lose sight of the finish line, eager to complete this phase of your education and achieve your dreams. Our next wave of leaders.

Today, toss your virtual caps in the air. You’ve earned it. You made it!  And it will be an experience you will never forget. 


Dean Sampson


Message from the Chair

 To all of our graduates, on behalf of all of my colleagues in the Department of European Languages, Literatures & Cultures,


Today we are celebrating those of you who have completed Bachelor’s degrees—majors and minors, Master’s Degrees, and Master of Arts in Teaching degrees in languages, literatures and cultures. These include our majors, minors and Master’s level students in French, German,
Italian, Latin and Russian, as well as our Teacher Candidates in French, Italian and Spanish.

On this webpage, you will find a personal video congratulations for each of you, recorded by one of our faculty members. You will hear on these videos how proud we are of you and how much we appreciated having you in our courses, working with you, and watching your knowledge and skills grow.

Below you will also find my video congratulations to all of you, and my hopes for your future. You are part of an elite group of students—students who have mastered the linguistic skills of another language. Perhaps more importantly, you have developed a deep understanding of other cultures. Intercultural understanding is what will help us to reimagine and then create a better world.

Despite the challenging circumstances of your final semester, you have displayed resilience and determination. We encourage you to embrace these traits and to set new goals. Aim high, challenge yourself to be better, and put your unique talents to good use.

To all our graduates,

Sarah Jourdain,
Chair, Department of European Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Department Convocation Video



Congratulations from the faculty to our students







Commencement Video

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