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Requirements for the Minor in Nanotechnology Studies (NTS)

The Program: The Minor in Nanotechnology Studies (NTS) is an interdisciplinary, research-intensive program intended for students in majors from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences or the College of Arts and Sciences who want to learn about the emerging field of nanotechnology. The coursework in the Minor will provide a broad background in the science, design, manufacture, and societal, health and environmental impacts of nanomaterials and nanoscale structures and their applications in engineering and health related areas.

Multidisciplinary Research: The inclusion of a minimum of two semesters of research in the students' own major areas, as well as choice of technical electives, will allow for integration into current interests and disciplines, and will provide knowledge and skills valuable to students planning to seek employment or graduate studies in fields related to the engineering, business, policy or broader impact of nanotechnology.

Admittance: Admittance to the Minor will require the approval of the NTS faculty committee, following review of student performance in the 213 class and other relevant coursework.

Required Courses:

  • EST 213 Studies in Nanotechnology (fall 3 credits)
  • EST 499 Independent Research ( two semesters or 6 credits)
  • EST 400 Research in Nanotechnology (spring 3 credits)

Two of the following Technical Electives:

  • BME 381 Nanofabrication in Biomedical Applications
  • ESG 339 Thin Film Processing Advanced Materials
  • ESG 320 Sensor Materials and Devices
  • PHY 472 Solid State Physics
  • MEC 470 Introduction to Tribology
  • EST 391 Technology Assessment

    Note: Another technical elective may be substituted with the permission of the co-directors of the Minor.

Notice:  As all courses are not offered every semester, please check Course Listings   for current scheduling information