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Meet Nathan Payen



Nathanael Payen is a junior, double majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

Programs Nathan is Active In

He is a participant in LSAMP/Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, and CSTEP/Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) and was first exposed to research in the CSTEP pre-freshman program, as well as the INSPIRE peer mentoring initiative.

The Start of His Research

In summer 2019, Nathanael began working with Prof. Paul Fodor (Dept. of Computer Science) on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR), as a participant in the PSEG-Explorations in STEM summer research program co-administered by the Career Center and URECA (  PI: Dr. Monica Bugallo, Electrical and Computer Engineering, WISE).

Recent Research

He continued working with Dr. Paul Fodor, as well as Dr. Michael Kifer (Computer Science) during his sophomore year, and this past summer, again participated in the PSEG-Explorations in STEM program. Working remotely, Nathanael designed and integrated an updated parser based on Stanford CoreNLP into KALM and presented  “Knowledge Authoring Logic Machine (KALM) from Adaptive Natural Language”, a more powerful KALM that can read and understand a greater magnitude of English, at the 2020 virtual URECA summer symposium.  

Nathan's Future

Nathanael has participated in tutoring and extracurricular activities with the ACM Stony Brook Computing Society, and works as a Client Support Student Technician on campus with Stony Brook University DoIt. Nathanael’s long term plans are to pursue graduate study in computer science. Nathanael is a first generation college student and a graduate of Brentwood HS, Brentwood, NY.   


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