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STEM Smart Projects

For more information, visit the  STEM Smart website .

STEM Smart is the umbrella outreach program of the Science and Technology Department at Stony Brook University for under-represented or economically disadvantaged students pursuing degrees in the social and physical sciences, technology, engineering, or mathematics. This program draws from both Stony Brook, state and national resources to coach, mentor, and financially support

  • College-bound students
  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students

STEM Smart offers two levels of support to eligible students:

All STEM Smart students have special mentoring relationships with Stony Brook faculty, including internship and research opportunities with senior faculty members. There are also career preparation workshops, tutoring services, and more.

Some STEM Smart students also receive financial support, depending on need and GPA (3.0 or higher). Support can include partial or full tuition, and at the Ph.D. level, a small stipend for living expenses in addition.

Eligibility for STEM Smart support is determined by federal and state agencies that fund these programs. Here are the targeted groups:

  1. African American
  2. Hispanic
  3. Native Americans
  4. Pacific Islanders

Economically disadvantaged students interested in STEM-related degree programs