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  • Guilherme Larangeira
    Gui is a part-time student in the Stony Brook University Technology and Policy Innovation Ph.D. Program. Prior to that, he obtained a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University at Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil, an MBA from the University of Michigan and an M.S. in Computational Statistics from the California State University, East Bay. Before returning to school, Gui spent 15 years working in the telecommunications and tech industry.
  • Sumeyra Alpaslan-Danisman 
    As a Stony Brook alumni, Sumeyra pursues her education in the Ph.D. program in Technology, Policy, and Innovation. She obtained undergraduate/graduate degrees in Business and Human Resource Management and holds fifteen years of work experience in higher education institutions. She has a Ph.D. degree in Business Management and aims to combine the attained expert-level knowledge of the Technology and Society field with her Business Management knowledge. Sumeyra's Website:
  • Sera Lee
    Sera Lee
    Sera studies circular economy and sustainability as part of climate change mitigation efforts, particularly focusing on the assessment technique. She tries to broadly expand her research topic from a dynamic perspective including environmental, social, and economic approaches. 
  • Elahe Parvari
    Elahe Parvari

    Elahe, a Ph.D. student in the field of Technology, Policy and Innovation, holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master's degree in Accounting. She aims to integrate her acquired knowledge with technology and society. Her area of interest lies in the impact of human processes on energy consumption, with the focus on optimizing energy efficiency.
  • Mohammad Pourmatin
    Mohammad Pourmatin
    Mohammad is seeking linkage between human decision-making processes and infrastructure performance considering behavioral theories and socio-technical uncertainties. His research interests include finding connections in human behaviors to address decision-making problems. He is passionate about complex systems and combining social science theories with quantitative methodologies and providing solutions to support sustainability and energy transition. He holds a master’s degree in energy systems engineering from Sharif University of Technology.
  • Amin Shirangi
    Amin Shirangi
    Amin is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Technology and Society at Stony Brook University. He hopes to research the threats and opportunities that may arise from the integration and application of artificial intelligence in policy analysis and healthcare systems, with a particular focus on the potential for job displacement. Prior to joining Stony Brook University, Amin worked as a technical project manager and mechanical engineer for several German companies. Amin holds a master's degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Stuttgart. 
  • Maeen Md.Khairul Akter
    Maeen Md.Khairul Akter
    Maeen is highly motivated to investigate the global issues associated with sustainability and circularity. His current research is in waste management, designing a smart management system embedded with industry 4.0 technologies. He is also interested in technology management, supply chain, productivity and ethical issues in the industry, especially in fashion and textiles. He has a Masters degree in Management of Technology and more than 8 years of professional and academic experience.  
  •  Sagarika Srivastava


    Sagarika is a first-year doctoral student in the department of Technology and Society, Stony Brook University. She intends to study the problem of solid waste generation intertiary sector industries such as transportation, hospitality, or tourism with the attempt to find possible solutions such as promoting positive changes in behavioral patterns of consumers.
  • Peter Saenz

    Peter Sanez

    Peter Saenz’s research investigates the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare, with a central focus on how IoT can be used to improve operational efficiency and equitable patient outcomes. Healthcare systems are plagued by a myriad of problems, including affordability, capacity, and staffing shortages. IoT technologies will be central to solving these problems. Peter seeks to research the policy implications of IoT from different perspectives as well as develop IoT-based technology. Peter has received funding through the NSF’s regional Innovation Corps program and is now applying to the national NSF I-Corps program in addition to an NSF PFI/ TT funding opportunity.  As Peter’s doctoral studies progress, he intends to apply for NSF SBIR/STTR grants to help aid in the commercialization of IoT technology.
  • Jonathan Sypeck

    Jonathan Sypeck

    Jonathan is working on research intended to make engineering concepts easier to understand for today’s visual-based students. He is most interested in how video games can be turned into tools for learning and assessment. 
  •  Natalia Telendii

    Nataliia Telendii

    Nataliia’s research interests include applications of Technologies and Innovations in Education, Distance Learning, and Professional Development. 
  • Lori Clark 


    Lori Clark's research includes development of landfill gas models, quantification of landfill methane climate impact, and development of sulfur reducing technology using renewable materials. She is affiliated with IGIT (Institute of Gas Innovation and Technology) and conducts research on renewable natural gas development from waste sources. 
  • Fausto Fernandez

    Fausto Fernandez

    Fausto's research focuses on meeting the emerging technologies workforce challenges and the policies to support a greater STEM workforce. In particular, he hopes to explore innovative ways to bridge the skills gap and increase diversity in the STEM workforce. He currently serves as a Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State. Before joining Stony Brook University, Fausto served as the Federal Director of Business Operations at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Fausto holds a Master's degree in Contract Administration from the University of West Florida.

Ph.D. Students not pictured above:

  • Ahmed Belazi
  • Michael DePhillips
  • Hodan Hassan
  • Ana Topolovec