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Tian-Lih (Ted) Teng

Research ProfessorPhoto

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh


He has been teaching Data Science and big data for Technological Systems Management and eCommerce and Technology Assessment. Also he is proposing a new course “ Deep Learning for Technological system management ”. Besides teaching, Education and Artificial Intelligence are his major research areas. In education, STEM project using deep learning for predicting HS students college success rate and using virtue learning to help those student need special help in Statistics, math, and basic computer programming. In Artificial Intelligence, he is evolving lung and prostate cancer detection using deep learning models such as CNN, RNN, CNN/RNN, and reinforced learning.

Additionally, he has launched the first executive program for Chinese MIS managers and assisted CEAS to establish a new hybrid graduate program in Hsinchu, Taiwan. This program partners with CETRA (The China External Trade Development Council), which promotes and assists the industry in developing international trade.