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Gang He

PhotoAssistant Professor

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

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Dr. Gang He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Technology and Society at Stony Brook University, as well as a Visiting Faculty Affiliate for the International Energy Analysis Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Dr. He’s work focuses on energy modeling, energy and climate policy, energy and environment, domestic coal and power sectors and their key role in both the global energy supply and in international climate policy framework. He also studies other interdisciplinary aspects of global climate change and the development of lower-carbon energy sources.

Dr. He was a Research Associate with Stanford University's Program on Energy and Sustainable Development from 2008 to 2010. In 2015, he received his PhD in energy and resources from University of California at Berkeley. He also holds an MA in climate and society from Columbia University, and a BS in Geography from Peking University.


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, $50,000, PI, “Power system scenario model testing and analysis.” 2020-2021.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, $40,000, PI, “Modeling the power sector with low cost renewables.” 2018-2019.

Industry Grant, $30,000, PI, “Economic and job impact of offshore wind project in New York.” 2019-2020.

National Science Foundation, $49,765, PI (with co-PIs Elizabeth Hewitt, Thomas Woodson, and Marianna Savoca), Workshop for “Data Science Across the Undergraduate Curriculum: University-Industry Online Case Studies on Applications of Data Science.” 2019-2020.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), $4,235,776, Co-PI (with PI David Tonjes and Co-PI Elizabeth Hewitt), “New York State Solid Waste Characterization.” 2019-2024.

Selected publications:

John Helveston, Gang He*, and Michael Davidson. 2022. “Quantifying the Cost Savings of Global Solar Photovoltaic Supply Chains.” Nature 612: 83-87. 
He, Gang*, Jiang Lin*, Froylan Sifuentes, Xu Liu, Nikit Abhyankar, and Amol Phadke*. 2020. “Rapid Cost Decrease of Renewables and Storage Accelerates the Decarbonization of China’s Power System.” Nature Communications 11 (1): 2486.

He, Gang*, Jiang Lin, Ying Zhang, Wenhua Zhang, Guilherme Larangeira, Chao Zhang, Wei Peng, Manzhi Liu, and Fuqiang Yang. 2020. “Enabling a Rapid and Just Transition Away from Coal in China.” One Earth 3 (2): 187–94.

He, Gang*, and David G. Victor. 2017. “Experiences and Lessons from China’s Success in Providing Electricity for All.” Resources, Conservation and Recycling 122: 335–38. 

He, Gang*, Anne-Perrine Avrin, James H. Nelson, Josiah Johnston, Ana Mileva, Jianwei Tian, and Daniel M. Kammen*. 2016. “SWITCH-China: A Systems Approach to Decarbonizing China’s Power System.” Environmental Science & Technology 50 (11): 5467–73. 

He, Gang*, and Daniel M. Kammen*. 2016. “Where, When and How Much Solar Is Available? A Provincial-Scale Solar Resource Assessment for China.” Renewable Energy 85: 74–82. 

He, Gang*, and Daniel M. Kammen. 2014. “Where, When and How Much Wind Is Available? A Provincial-Scale Wind Resource Assessment for China.” Energy Policy 74: 116–22. 

He, Gang*, and Richard Morse. 2013. “Addressing Carbon Offsetters’ Paradox: Lessons from Chinese Wind CDM.” Energy Policy 63: 1051–55. 

* indicates corresponding author. Complete list of publications and citations are available from Google Scholar, full texts are available from ResearchGate


Office: 1420 Computer Science
Phone: 631-632-7689