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  • Dr. Wolf Schäfer
    Wolf Scahfer
    Department Chair, Professor, Director of the Institute for Global Studies M.A., University of Munich, Ph.D., University of Bremen Science, technology, and society (STS);  big technoscience projects;  automotive ethics; geography and cartography; energy transitions and population growth; global history and global studies
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  • Dr. Gang He
      Gang He
    Assistant Professor Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley Energy modeling, energy economics, energy and climate policy, energy and environment
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  • Dr. Elizabeth L. Hewitt
      Elizabeth Hewitt
    Assistant Professor Ph.D., Rutgers University Building occupant behavior; social science and behavioral energy research; organizational energy issues; green building design and technology; environmental economics
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  • Dr. Kevin M. Moriarty
    Kevin Moriarty 
    Undergraduate Program Director, Assistant Professor of Practice Ph.D., New Jersey Institute of Technology                                                        M.B.A., Dowling College Executive Leadership, Technical Management, quantitative methods, Engineering Economic principles & concepts
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  • Dr. Todd L. Pittinsky
      Todd P
    Professor Ph.D., Harvard University Models intergroup relations in their ecosystems of society, technology, and policy
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  • Dr. Lori Scarlatos
      Lori S
    Associate Professor Ph.D., Stony Brook University Educational technology; tangible, physical, multi-modal, and collaborative human-computer interfaces; serious games; computer graphics; multimedia
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  • Dr. David Tonjes
    David Tonjes 
    Research Associate Professor Ph.D., Stony Brook University Solid waste management; monitoring (ground water and estuaries); Long island mosquito control; innovative energy recovery from landfills
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  • Dr. Thomas S. Woodson
    Thomas W 
    Graduate Program Director, Associate Professor Ph.D., Georgia Tech Innovation Systems; bibliometrics; science and technology policy; international development
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