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  • Dr. Klaus Mueller
    Dr. Klaus Mueller
    Professor and Interim Department ChairPh.D., The Ohio State University

    Visual analytics, explainable machine learning and AI, algorithmic fairness and transparency, data science and computational and medical imaging.

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  • Dr. Gang He
     Gang He
    Assistant ProfessorPh.D., University of California, Berkeley Energy modeling, energy economics, energy and climate policy, energy and environment
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  • Dr. Elizabeth L. Hewitt
     Elizabeth Hewitt
    Assistant ProfessorPh.D., Rutgers University Building occupant behavior; social science and behavioral energy research; organizational energy issues; green building design and technology; environmental economics
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  • Dr. Kevin M. Moriarty
    Kevin Moriarty 
    Undergraduate Program Director, Assistant Professor of PracticePh.D., New Jersey Institute of Technology                                                        M.B.A., Dowling College Executive Leadership, Technical Management, quantitative methods, Engineering Economic principles & concepts
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  • Dr. Todd L. Pittinsky
     Todd P
    ProfessorPh.D., Harvard University Models intergroup relations in their ecosystems of society, technology, and policy
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  • Dr. Lori Scarlatos
     Lori S
    Associate ProfessorPh.D., Stony Brook University Educational technology; tangible, physical, multi-modal, and collaborative human-computer interfaces; serious games; computer graphics; multimedia
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  • Dr. Wolf Schäfer
    Wolf Scahfer
    Chair (ret.) of the Department of Technology and SocietyM.A., University of Munich, Ph.D., University of Bremen Science, technology, and society (STS);  big technoscience projects;  automotive ethics; geography and cartography; energy transitions and population growth; global history and global studies
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  • Dr. David Tonjes
    David Tonjes 
    Research Associate ProfessorPh.D., Stony Brook University Solid waste management; monitoring (ground water and estuaries); Long island mosquito control; innovative energy recovery from landfills
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  • Dr. Thomas S. Woodson
    Thomas W 
    Graduate Program Director, Associate ProfessorPh.D., Georgia Tech Innovation Systems; bibliometrics; science and technology policy; international development