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Thomas R. Sexton

Professor, College of Business
Ph.D., Stony Brook UniversityThomas Sexton

Health-care delivery systems; efficiency analysis; statistics

Research Interests: Dr. Sexton is internationally known for his research in Data Envelopment Analysis, a mathematical model that measures the efficiency and performance of complex organizations such as hospitals, school districts, and transportation systems.

Teaching Interests: Dr. Sexton teaches business statistics and decision sciences in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. He has also taught graduate courses in the Health Care Management program.

Professor Sexton received his B.S. degree in Mathematics and Physics from St. John’s University in 1969, his M.A. degree in Mathematics from Hofstra University in 1972, and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Stony Brook University in 1975 and 1979, respectively. While pursuing his graduate studies as a part-time student, he worked full-time for 8 years for the Grumman Aerospace Corporation before coming to Stony Brook University in 1977 as a Research Associate in the W. Averell Harriman School for Management and Policy (now the College of Business) where he currently holds the rank of Professor.

Dr. Sexton has worked in the area of health care management for 20 years and has published 16 journal articles on various aspects of health care. He has served as a consultant to many health care organizations, including hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical firms, medical equipment manufacturers, and public policy agencies. His specialty is the application of statistical and mathematical models to significant problems in health care. His work includes studies of the efficiency of health care organizations (hospitals, nursing homes, and blood collection centers), issues in health care financing, the spread of the AIDS epidemic, and the policy of universal drug testing. He has served as statistician on numerous clinical and scientific studies involving research in cancer, cardiology, cardiac surgery, nephrology, radiology, laboratory management, physical therapy, and anesthesiology, among others.

Dr. Sexton has served as Co-Director of the Advanced New York State Certificate Program in Health Care Management since its inception in 1988. Through this program, students in health care take MBA courses in the College of Business and MBA students take courses in health care management as they earn the certificate. The program is designed to improve the quality of health care management and to forge a strong tie between the Health Sciences Center and the West Campus. Dr. Sexton has taught courses in outcome measures and health care models in the certificate program. He also teaches courses in statistics and management science in the College of Business. Dr. Sexton served as Director of the Harriman School for over eight years and as Director of Graduate Studies for over six years.

Tom and his wife have two children and four grandchildren. In their leisure time, he and his wife enjoy country line dancing and traveling.

Office: 317 Harriman Hall  
Phone:  631-632- 7181