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Alexander Orlov

Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Ph.D., Physical and Environmental Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Nanomaterials in energy and environmental applications  

Dr. Alexander Orlov is an Associate Professor of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering at State University of New York, Stony Brook, USA. He is also a faculty member of the Consortium for Interdisciplinary Environmental Research, an affiliate faculty of Chemistry Department and the Institute for Advanced Computational Science at Stony Brook University. In addition, he is a Visiting Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge (UK) funded by the European Research Council (EU) and National Science Foundation (US).

Dr. Orlov's principle research and teaching activities are in the development of novel materials for energy generation, structural applications and environmental protection. The majority of his research focuses on synthesis of novel catalytic nanomaterials and tuning their properties for environmental and energy related applications. In the last 8 years his research was supported by 10 National Science Foundation (NSF) grants, the State of New York, the US Department of Education, the US Department of Transportation (via Regional Center), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Industry (totaling over $4.0 million as PI or co-PI).
From 2007 till 2014 he was appointed by two UK Secretary of States for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to advice the Government on environmental issues such as hazardous substances and environmental impact of nanotechnology. He was a policy advisor on science, technology, engineering and innovation policy development to the UK Shadow Cabinet of the Rt Hon. David Cameron MP (the UK Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016) prior to 2010 General Election. Additionally, he has used his research experience to advise several US Congressmen, UK Members of Parliament, the EU Commission, the EU Parliament and various governments in Europe and Asia. Dr. Orlov is Founder of three technology startups and serves as advisor and advisory board member of several technology companies. Among his current activities, Dr. Orlov is contributing to work of the United Nations Environmental Program, being the lead author for the GEO report and reviewer of various reports, and to activities of the UK Parliamentary and Scientific Committee. Dr. Orlov's opinions, interviews and comments have been sought through numerous speaking engagements and quotes throughout international media including on Newsweek, BBC, World Economic Forum, Newsday, Nature, Daily Telegraph, Smithsonian Magazine and Cambridge Evening News.