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  • Lisa Berger
    Associate Professor, Department of MathematicsPh.D., University of Arizona

    Number theory, mathematics teacher education

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  • Monica Bugallo
    Professor, College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Associate Dean for Diversity and OutreachPh.D., University of A Coruña, Spain

    Statistical signal processing

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  • Gary Halada
    Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and EngineeringPh.D., Stony Brook University

    Electron spectroscopy; electrochemistry; surface engineering; optical spectroscopy; environmental remediation

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  • Benjamin S. Hsiao
    Distinguished Professor, Chemistry, Director of Center for Integrated Electric Energy SystemsPh.D, University of Connecticut

    New sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies, based on nanofibers and/or natural cellulose materials, for health, environmental, and energy applications with the emphasis on water purification

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  • Bonita London
    Associate Professor, Social and Health PsychologyPh.D., Columbia University

    Social identity and intergroup processes; stereotyping and prejudice, stress and coping, social and motivational factors in academic achievement

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  • Manuel London
    Dean of the College of BusinessPh.D., The Ohio State University

    Performance management program; training and development; team learning

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  • Devinder Mahajan
    Professor and Graduate Program Director (CME)M.Sc. and Ph.D., Appl. Chemistry, U. of British Columbia, Canada

    Energy Policy Issues; Methane hydrates, Methane and Biomass for catalytic methanol, mixed alcohols and hydrocarbon Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) synthesis; ultra-deep hydrodesulfurization (HDS); extremophiles-mediated H 2-production for fuel-cell applications; Geothermal energy-minerals extraction from brines.

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  • Alexander Orlov
    Professor, Materials Science & Chemical Engineering Department,Consortium for Inter-Disciplinary Environmental ResearchChemistry Department, Institute for Advanced Computational Science,Advanced Energy Center,Ph.D., Physical and Environmental Chemistry, University of Cambridge

    Nanomaterials in energy and environmental applications

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  • Fred Y. Phillips
    ProfessorPh.D., University of Texas at Austin

    Business Administration; Mathematics

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  • Ann-Marie Scheidt
    Director of Economic DevelopmentPh.D. Stony Brook University

    Technology entrepreneurship, new enterprise development

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  • Thomas R. Sexton
    Professor, College of BusinessPh.D. Stony Brook University

    Health-care delivery systems; efficiency analysis; statistics

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  • Keith Sheppard
    Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Science EducationEd.D., Teachers College, Columbia University

    Secondary school science education, chemistry and physics education

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  • Esther Takeuchi
    Distinguished Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Department of ChemistryPh.D., Ohio State University

    Design of electroactive materials and the concomitant engineering associated with battery design; mechanistic studies involving the complex interplay among redox processes, ion transport, and electrode precipitation/dissolution

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  • Wendy Tang
    Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringPh.D., University of Rochester

    Interconnection networks, parallel computing, and neural networks

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