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Adjunct Faculty


Richard Gucciardo
M.B.A., New York Institute of Technology

Product & business development, operations management, supply chain management


Don Herberer
M.S., Stony Brook University

Educational leadership, educational technology


Matthew Henigman
M.S., Stony Brook University

Application development, DSS, operations management, object-oriented programming, database and high density storage, e-learning


Peter Janow
M.S.G.L., University of San Diego

Global management and leadership, project management


Edward Palacio
M.S., Technical Management, Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of NY

Project management, operations management, product development


Rita Reagan Redko
M.S., Stony Brook University

Educational computing and MIS


Paul Siegel
M.S., Stony Brook University

Natural disasters, history of space exploration


Kenneth Stenton
M.B.A., University of Pennsylvania

Business development and general management


Marypat Taveras
M.S., Stony Brook University

Distance education and engineering ethics


Edwin Tjoe
Ed. D., St. John's University

Educational administration and instructional leadership


Tatiana Tchoubar
M.S., Physics; M.Ed., eLearning, Paris III Sorbonne

Online learning, global information communication, eCommerce, STEAM education, virtual environments, data visualization

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