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Al Pisano

Ed. D., Educational Technology, St. John's University 

Courses Offered:

EST 106 - The Digital Generation: Creating a Professional Web Presence


Al Pisano, Ed.D. has over 20 years of experience as a higher education administrator, K-12 administrator, and corporate education liaison and partner. He is an owner of two innovative technology businesses (iGame4 and IntegratEdTechPD), the Director of Educational Technology at Stony Brook, a former District Administrator for Instructional Technology at Comsewogue School District, a Google Education Trainer, and a Microsoft and Google Education Partner. He has been a contributor and presenter at a number of major conferences as well as a keynote speaker. At Stony Brook, Al has been an adjunct lecturer for nearly 20 years and has been the Director of Educational Technology Programs for nearly 10 years.  He has written/co-written over 25 undergraduate, graduate, in service and doctoral courses and five badges for the Department of Technology and Society and the School of Professional Development.  He has also been deeply embedded in program development for the past ten years.  Additionally, Al heads the ACE and CLIC programs, a collaborative initiative between Stony Brook, local school districts, BOCES and Google where high school students can collaboratively take college level courses.