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  • Gerald Stokes
    Ph.D., University of Chicago

    National energy policies, novel approaches to the mitigation of carbon dioxide emissions, and stabilization of the global burden of atmospheric greenhouse gases.

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  • Richard Gucciardo
    M.B.A., New York Institute of Technology

    Product & business development, operations management, supply chain management

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  • Don Heberer
    M.S., Stony Brook University

    Educational leadership, educational technology

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  • Peter Janow
    M.S.G.L., University of San Diego

    Global management and leadership, project management

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  • Eduardo Palacio
    M.S., Technical Management, Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of NY

    Project management, operations management, product development

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  • Al Pisano
    Ed. D., Educational Technology, St. John's University  Educational technology
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  • Rita Reagan Redko
    M.S., Stony Brook University Educational computing and MIS
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  • Ann-Marie Scheidt
    Ph.D., Stony Brook University, M.A.T., Yale University, A.B., Brown University Economic Development
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  • Marypat Taveras
    M.S., Stony Brook University Distance education and engineering ethics
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  • Edwin Tjoe
    Ed. D., St. John's University  Educational administration and instructional leadership 
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  • Tatiana Tchoubar
    M.S., Physics; M.Ed., eLearning, Paris III Sorbonne; Ph.D., Technology, Policy and Innovation, Stony Brook University Online learning, global information communication, eCommerce, STEAM education, virtual environments, data visualization
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  • Krista Thyberg
    Ph.D., Stony Brook University, M.S., Stony Brook University Environmental Science; Waste Management; Environmental Policy; Technical Writing
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