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M.S. in Technological Systems Management

Technology Management Concentration (effective fall 2023)

M.S. in Technological Systems Management is a highly focused program that prepares students for a variety of positions related directly to managing the technical operations and process systems of global organizations.

The goal of the program is to introduce students to modern technologies with an emphasis on learning diagnostic, quantitative and analytical methods and skills. The central objectives of the program are; to teach students how to use technology to conduct business, and how to apply emerging technologies to improve operations.

The program is best suited to students having achieved engineering and other technical degrees as Undergraduates. Typical career paths in this program may lead to positions such as; Technical Operations Manager, Director of Alternative Energies, Research and Development Officer, Laboratory Manager, Information Technology Manager, or Engineering Manager.

Selected courses are offered as traditional evening classes and as web-based synchronous and asynchronous distance learning courses to reach students who find it difficult to attend classes on campus.

Required coures:  EMP 501, EST 502, EST 581, EST 582, EST 590

Elective Courses: EMP 502, EMP 504, EMP 506, EMP 517, EMP 518, EMP 532, EST 519, EST 569, EST 599, EST 605, Masters Project (EST 598 zero credit course)

Please refer to the Graduate School's Bulletin for EST and EMP course descriptions.

Master’s Project (EST 598 zero credit course)

Students typically address the Master’s project in one of three ways: 

1) a literature search on a technical issue in the concentration area.

2) a project that combines some form of technical training from two or more classes in the program.

3) by addressing a professional problem where there is not sufficient time or available effort to address in the working environment and which requires additional technical information.

Please check SOLAR for current scheduling information.