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M.S. in Technological Systems Management

Educational Technology Focus Area

with elective options in Global Technology Management and Energy Technology & Policy

Educational Technology is a diversified Focus Area, concerned with the design, implementation, and assessment of contemporary technologies to enhance education and training. The Department of Technology and Society within the College of Engineering and Applied Science creates educators and trainers who can effectively apply new technologies to enhance education and training. Graduate students develop the knowledge and techniques necessary to analyze the learning needs and goals of their audience; develop and design instructional materials and activities; and assess and evaluate those activities.

Our program emphasizes the: a) use of modern technologies in schools, colleges, business and other areas, b) research, and evaluation of educational technologies, c) alignment with national and New York state educational technolgy standards, and d) ethical and societal issues associated with the use of technology.

This program will prepare you with the skills and knowledge necessary to complete the N.Y. State Educational Technology Specialist certification exam.

Selected courses are offered as traditional evening classes and as web-based syncrhronous and asynchronous distance learning coursesto reach students who find it difficult to attend classes on campus.Through contracts, classes are offered at extension/teaching centers in several locations on Long Island.

Experts in educational computing can find employment with:

  • Schools and colleges that need highly-skilled faculty and administrators
  • State departments of education that seek curriculum developers and technology planners
  • Government and public service agencies that require trainers for skills development programs
  • High-tech manufacturers that hire experts to develop products for the education market
  • Publishing companies that need educational software developers for the mass market
  • Corporations that hire skilled professionals as instructors and designers of in-house training programs
  • Business and organizations, that are expanding their operations to embrace electronic commerce

Course of Study

M.S. Degree - Educational Technology (30 Credits)

EST 581 - Heuristics and Quantitative Decision-Making
EST 582 - Introduction to Systems Concepts


EST 567 - The Internet, Social Networking and Collaborative Environments
EST 570 - Educational Technology Lesson Development
EST 571 - Educational Technology Research Methodologies
EST 573 – Multi Media Communications
EST 574 - Distance Learning and Virtual Environments
EST 580 - Advanced Technology Assessment:  Business, Government, and Strategy
EST 579 - Educational Games
EST 590 - Seminar for MS, TSM Students (highly recommended, assists with master's project)
EST 599 - Special Projects and Topics
EST 604 - Grad Challenges in Engineering, Education, Management, and Policy

Masters Project

Additional electives

EST 521 - The Social and Global Impact of Technology in Education
EST 522 - Integrating Educational Technology into Social Studies and Language Arts
EST 523 - Integrating Educational Technology into Mathematics and Science


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