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Admission to the Master's Program

The requirements for admission to masters study in this department include:

  1. A bachelors degree in engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, mathematics, or a closely related area from an accredited college or university. For admission to the M.S., students who elect to take a block of elective courses within the Energy and Environmental Systems and the Energy, Technology, and Policy focus areas will need to have completed prerequisite courses of one year of calculus (MAT 131, 132 or equivalent).
  2. A minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0;
  3. Three letters of recommendation;
  4. The department has decided to waive the GRE General Test requirement.
  5. If your native or primary language is not English, a test to measure your English proficiency is required.  The department and our Graduate School excepts TOEFL and IELTS examination scores  The minimum score for TOEFL is 85 and for IELTS an overall score of 6.5  with no subsection below 6.
  6. A Statement of Purpose (essay) describing the applicant’s relevant past experience and immediate and long-term goals.  Your statement of purpose must include your area of interest:  Educational Technology, Global Technology Management, Energy and Environmental Systems and Energy, Technology, and Policy. (Please state your area of interest at the top of the personal statement page.)
  7. Applicants with domestic credentials must submit an official transcript from each undergraduate college or university attended, regardless of whether a degree was conferred.  Applicants must also submit an official transcript from each college or university relating to graduate level work, regardless of whether a degree was conferred. 

  8. Applicants with international credentials must submit an official English translation of all coursework showing a complete course-by-course record, GPA, degree, and institution, in addition to the original documents. SBU graduate admissions personnel will evaluate coursework, GPA, degree requirements and institutional equivalence. In some instances where the coursework, degree equivalency, GPA, and/or institution cannot be verified, a course-by-course evaluation from one of Stony Brook University's approved NACES members listed below, may be requested from the applicant:  World Education Services (WES), International Education Evaluations, Inc (IEE), Education Credential Evaluators (ICE).

  9. All official transcripts must be sent to the address listed below.
    Office of Graduate and Health Sciences Admissions

    Stony Brook University
    Health Sciences Tower, Level 2, Room 271
    Stony Brook, NY 11794-8276
    General Inquiries: (631) 444 - 2111 
    Official E-Transcripts: email
  10. Students applying to the Master’s Program in Technological Systems Management can complete an application online here.

In special cases, applicants who do not satisfy requirement 1 or 2 may be admitted on a conditional basis and may be subject to additional course requirements. Appropriate courses taken in non-matriculated status may be applied towards the M.S. degree in Technological Systems Management, however, no more than 12 credits taken in non-matriculated status can be applied to the credit requirements for the M.S degree.

Additional information including an Admissions FAQ and an Application Check list can be found at the Graduate School’s web site.

Prospective M.S. students should follow the application deadlines listed below.

Master's Program

Fall 2023 Admission

  1. Technological Systems Management M.S. - Domestic student application deadline July 3, 2023
  2. Technological Systems Management M.S. - International student application deadline  April 19, 2023

Spring 2024 Admission

  1. Technological Systems Management M.S. - Domestic student application deadline December 4, 2023
  2. Technological Systems Management M.S. - International student application deadline October 6, 2023

Summer 2024 Admission (Domestic Students Only)

  1. Technological Systems Management M.S. - Domestic part-time student application deadline April 19, 2024

SBU Applications


Admissions FAQ

1. What is the deadline for my Supporting Documents? (those not uploaded in the Graduate School’s online application system)

All supporting documents, including the English Proficiency test scores, must be received by the application deadline. There are no exceptions to this requirement. English Proficiency test scores must be submitted to Stony Brook University (School Code: 2548) by the application deadline in order for your application to be reviewed.

2. I was educated in an English- speaking environment. Do I still need to take the TOEFL or the IELTS exam? 

The answer depends on the amount of time you were educated in English and whether you consider English as a native or primary language. For more details, please see our  Graduate School’s web site or contact  Marypat Taveras.

3. Do you offer financial support to Graduate students?

The department does not offer support to master’s students, however, in special circumstances, financial support may be possible if our budget allows.

4. How do I write my Statement of Purpose?

Your statement of purpose should be 1 to 3 pages in length and include your relevant past experience, immediate and long goals and what you hope to accomplish with a master’s degree.

5. What do you look for when reviewing my application?

Our admissions committee considers your overall academic performance, your statement of purpose, and work experience. We take a holistic approach when evaluating applications.  The committee seeks to determine whether you are likely to be successful in our courses.  The application process takes up to 3 weeks before we make formal offers of admission.