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Lori Clark presented improved methods for modeling landfill gas at the Canadian Waste to Resource Conference and trade show ( Oct 23-26th, Ontario, Canada). The event included opportunities to tour facilities and discuss gas development and treatment options for landfill gas to pipeline projects. Interactions with key researchers and industry leaders helped with the theoretical development of the landfill gas model and insights for the continued development of the Nanosulf project. 

Lori Clark presented research on "The change from single stream to dual stream recycling in the town of Brookhaven" at the NYSAR3 Annual Recycling Conference in Cooperstown, NY ( Nov. 6-9th). The conference focused on the role of waste management decisions in addressing climate change.  Our research was very significant to the leaders in waste management that were present from around New York State.  Waste management decision makers continue to debate  the costs and benefits of changing the collection and processing of recyclables from dual to single stream.  Our research provided insights into the improvement of customer sorting and contribution of materials under single stream, the degree of contamination increase, and the economic impact of the change.  

On  November 14th , Professor Elizabeth Hewitt will be speaking at the German American Smart Buildings Symposium, taking place at the German Consulate in NYC and is hosted by the German American Chamber of Commerce. The title of her talk will be "Buildings as smart and resilient systems: People, policies, and technologies." The link to the event is   here  and the agenda can be found   here

On Friday, October 27 2017, Professor Thomas Woodson will speak at Stony Brook University's 2017 Open Access Symposium. Dr. Woodson, an expert on science, technology and innovation policy for marginalized communities, will address how open access can help R&D on technologies that help poor communities.

Can Ozturk has co-authored a new publication with Denise Buhrau (College of Business, Stony Brook University), “Motivating Healthy Eating: The Role of Presentation Format and Health Consciousness,” which was published in  Food Quality and Preference, a premier journal in health psychology. As paternalistic strategies that rely on educating consumers have largely failed to curb the obesity epidemic, new approaches from psychology and behavioral economics can be helpful. This behavioral study explored subtle ways to nudge and influence food decision making and healthy eating using different presentation formats. The strategies that are discussed in the publication can be applied to restaurant menus and digital screens. 

Omkar Aphale, a recent graduate in the Technology, Policy and Innovation PhD program, has published his dissertation work in the top-ranked groundwater journal, Groundwater. This paper discusses uncertainty in modeling, and suggests using a multi-model approach to reduce subjectivity in model validation. It is an important contribution on the research question, how certain are we that our models provide usable data for decision-making.

Aphale, O., and   DJ Tonjes. 2017. Multimodel validity assessment of groundwater flow simulation models using area metric approach. Groundwater 55(2):219-226.

Dr. David Tonjes  has just published a paper with Dr. Chai Xiaoli (Tongji University, Shanghai) and Dr. Devinder Majahan (Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering) on methane emissions in the prestigious journal Progress in Energy and Combustion Science (impact factor = 19.22). This review paper describes the current distribution and sources of methane and its importance to climate change, with a focus on landfills as a major anthropogenic source. How landfills generate methane, the means that methane emissions are modeled and detected, mitigation of emissions, and uses of captured gas are all discussed, as well as the differing policy approaches among the US, the European Union, and China. Chai X., DJ Tonjes, D. Mahajan. 2016. Methane emissions as energy reservoir: Context, scope, causes, and mitigation strategies. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 56:33-70.

Stony Brook  was awarded $150,000 by NYSERDA through its Powerbridge program for a project entitled: NanoSulf™: Catalytic removal of hydrogen sulfide contamination from gas streams. Devinder Majahan, Professor of Chemical and Molecular Engineering at SBU, is PI, and   David Tonjes  is co-PI. Devinder and David competed against approximately 30 other teams through an iterative proposal process, and were one of the four teams funded. The Powerbridge program intends to enable University discoveries to move into the marketplace by supporting entrepreneurial processes. Devinder, David and the rest of the team have been asked to create a company over the next year or so that will use this discovery (a catalytic, nano-metal means of removing hydrogen sulfide from gas streams) or something similar (depending on market needs) to develop a potential multi-million dollar a year enterprise.

Kathleen Araújo  has been named to the Scientific Advisory Board of the 2016 Advanced Energy Conference ( This is in conjunction with her academic and consulting activities in energy-environmental systems decision-making. She also has a forthcoming article, ‘Truer Costs’ in Energy Transitions, due out in  Papers in Energy/Papeles de Energía.

Professor Gang He   was just invited to join the  Editorial Board of  Resources, Conservation & Recycling . This invitation was the result of a Special Issue on Clean Power Supply in China that Professor He is co-editing with a few other researchers. 

The   Department of Technology & Society  recently co-sponsored an undergraduate research program supported by PSE&G. More information about the program is available   here.

Krista Thyberg, who completed her doctoral degree in Technology, Policy and Innovation in May 2015, and   Dr. David Tonjes(Research Associate Professor in the department) have recently published a review paper on food waste in the US. The paper is in the journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling. It discusses how food waste is generated by a combination of factors, including technical issues, practical reasons, unintentional misinformation by manufacturers, retailers, and regulators, and culture. The paper is thus a synthesis of reports from many disciplines, and a good example of the multi-field research required of students and researchers in the department. This clearly written, accessible paper will help you understand the problems that cause the growing food waste problem here in the US, and understand why solving these kinds of issues is not very simple to accomplish.

Thyberg KL and DJ Tonjes. 2016. Drivers of food waste and their implications for sustainable policy development. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 106:110-123.

Professor   David L. Ferguson  and   Ramon Emilio Fernandez  (Ph.D. Candidate in TPI) are authors of the paper:    The Role of the University in the Innovation Ecosystem, and Implications for Science Cities and Science Parks:  A Human Resource Development Approach:    World Technopolis Review 2015; 4: 132-143.  "World Technopolis Review is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that is aimed at laying the foundation for the sustainable development of Science Parks (Science Technology parks), Technology Parks, Technopolises, Research Parks and buildings as well as incorporating the planning, and decision-making policies related to all sides."

Congratulations to   Professor Gang He  on the recent release of his co-authored paper "Economic Rebalancing and Electricy Demand in China." The paper was released earlier this month by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. A copy of the paper is available   here.

Lori Clark  won a Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) New York chapter cash scholarship.    Krista Thyberg  won this award previously in 2012.

Debra Sabatini Dwyer: Dr. Debra Sabatini Dwyer was nominated and participated in the TEDxSBU Event on May 28, 2015 where she presented a talk entitled "Inconvenient Momentum:  Let's Get Rational"

Omkar Aphale: winner, the Farvolden Award (best poster) (given by the National Groundwater Research and Education Foundation) at the 2015 National Groundwater Summit, San Antonio, TX, March 15-18, for his poster:  Adoption of distribution-based area metric to evaluate the validity of groundwater simulation models .

Nicole (Diamante)  has her first publication. She is co-author on the paper: Pittinsky, T. L. and Diamante, N. (2015). Global Bystander Nonintervention.   Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology.   Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology  is the peer-reviewed journal of APA Division 48 (Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence: Peace Psychology Division), devoted to “scholarly manuscripts that examine peace, conflict, and their interaction at all levels of analysis from interpersonal to community, regional, national, and international issues… publishing empirical, theoretical, clinical, and historical papers and book reviews on emerging and enduring issues of interest to international researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and educators.”

Thomas Woodson  has a new publication on technology for children with UNICEF,

Paul Siegel  received an award from the Stony Brook University Faculty Senate for Exceptional Service as a member of the Campus Environmental Committee. He was recently elected Chair of the Faculty Senate's Campus Environmental Committee, is a 2013 recipient of a SUNY Chancellors Award for Excellence in Professional Service, and is also the Vice-Chair of the Friends of Ashley Schiff Park Preserve.

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