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Our Mission

The Technology and Society Department is an interdisciplinary community in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences that aims to advance solutions to complex challenges at the intersection of technology and society.

Recognizing the speed of change and complexity of today’s challenges, we seek to facilitate problem-solving which surmounts the limitations of traditional disciplines. Our approach integrates engineering, social sciences, and management. We focus on policy and other measures that are interdisciplinary, regionally or globally engaged, and research-centered.

The Department has a four-part mission:

    1. To foster a new generation of decision-makers who understand socio-technological dimensions of our systems and integrate scientific, social, political, economic, behavioral, legal and ethics knowledge in complex problem-solving;
    2. To conduct frontier research on policy in the areas relating to technology innovation management, energy-environmental systems, and the engineering and technology workforce;
    3. To develop projects of relevance for current and emerging societal needs, while recognizing the importance of improved knowledge flows, engagement of underrepresented groups, and technology access.
    4. To enable the effective development, integration, management and assessment of technology for the purpose of improving the engineering and technology workforce, energy utilization, and our interaction with the environment.
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