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Our Mission

Wolf Schafer


Engineering has become much too important to be left to the engineers. 

The Motto of the Department of Technology and Society (DTS)
paraphrases James Bryant Conant’s post-Hiroshima conclusion,
“Science is much too important to be left to the scientists.”



Welcome to the Department of Technology and Society at Stony Brook University! As Chair, I am thrilled to be part of a community that is dedicated to shaping the future by exploring the intricate interplay between technology and society. Our commitment is to create a dynamic learning environment where students embark on a transformative journey, delving into the ethical, social, and cultural implications of technological advancements. Through rigorous academic exploration, innovative research initiatives, and interdisciplinary collaboration, we strive to equip our students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the evolving landscape of technology and society.

At the heart of our mission is the desire to cultivate a deep understanding of the profound impact technology has on our world. We believe in fostering a sense of responsibility, inclusivity, and sustainability in our students as they engage with technology. The Department of Technology and Society is not just a place of academic inquiry; it's a community that empowers individuals to contribute meaningfully to the development of responsible and sustainable technological solutions for the betterment of humanity. Join us in this exciting exploration of the intersection between technology and society, where innovation meets responsibility, and where our students are poised to become leaders in the rapidly changing technological landscape. We look forward to shaping the future together.


Klaus Mueller, PhD

Professor and Interim Chair