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EOP/AIM Program Accomplishments

The holistic, multi-dimensional approach used by EOP/AIM has contributed to the success of its students.

The graduation rates for the program are impressive, within 10% on the non-EOP graduation rates at the institution. Many graduates of SUNY at Stony Brook’s EOP/AIM program contribute significantly to the quality of life for New York citizens, serving as State Supreme Court justices, health professionals, business administrators, and teachers, among other professions.

Undergraduate EOP/AIM students serve in all areas of campus life including student government, academic departments, and residence halls. Students in the EOP/AIM program are accepted in honor societies including: Chi Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Iota Mu, the Golden Key National Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa, and gain entrance into business and professional graduate schools across the country. They have received recognition, distinguished awards, and fellowships for academic excellence, community service and athletics.




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