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about usThe Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at the State University of New York at Stony Brook was started in 1968 and given the local name of AIM, which is an acronym for Advancement on Individual Merit. Therefore, the Educational Opportunity Program at Stony Brook is referred to as the EOP/AIM Program. Full funding for Educational Opportunity Programs on SUNY campuses was approved by the New York State Legislature in 1970.

The purpose of the Educational Opportunity Program is to fulfill New York State’s commitment to provide access to higher education for economically disadvantaged students who possessed the potential to succeed in college, but whose academic preparation in high school has not fully prepared them to pursue college education successfully. The primary mission of the EOP is to facilitate the recruitment, enrollment, retention, and graduation of these students. This is accomplished by providing EOP/AIM students with an array of educationally related support services.

Students accepted to the University through EOP/AIM participate fully in all campus academic and social activities and are held to the same standards and regulations as all other university students.

Support Services

EOP/AIM offers the following support services to students in the program:

Pre-Freshman Summer Academy
Students admitted to the EOP/AIM Academy are required to attend a pre-freshman summer academic skills enhancement program that sharpens students’ academic skills and intellectual development and prepares them for the rigors of full-time college enrollment. The Summer Academy also familiarizes students with the University campus and helps them make the transition from high school to college. The Summer Academy models an academic semester and offers a wide range of activities and opportunities for successful college life.

EOP students Tutorial Services
Tutoring is offered for many of the courses students take regularly. Students may request tutoring in any subject and tutoring groups are formed based on the needs expressed by students.

Personal Counseling & Academic Advising
Each student in EOP/AIM is assigned his/her own counselor. Students are expected to meet with their counselors at least three times a semester for individual counseling/advising, and once a semester they must attend an all-program general meeting. EOP/AIM Counselors are available to students on a walk-in basis or by appointment, and offer students personal, financial aid, academic, and career counseling.

Workshops and Conferences
Workshops are offered by the program during the summer and the academic year on a variety of topics including: time management, test-taking and study skills, resume writing and interview techniques, computer searching of job databases, and post-graduate career opportunities. Additional information on career services can be found at the Career Center.

Computer Based Instruction and Tutorial (CBIT) Laboratory
Students have access to the EOP/AIM CBIT lab, housed in the program office, which is equipped with state-of-the-art workstations, a variety of educational software, and Internet access. Students may write term papers using our word processing software, engage in long distance learning experiences, and access faculty via electronic mail. The CBIT Lab's hours of operation can be found here.

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