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Transporting Radioactive Materials on Campus

The requirements for the transportation of radioactive materials within the confines of the university must comply with both the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Transporting may involve walking or driving radioactive materials across campus, in either case Radiation Protection Services must be notified before any transfers take place. This is to insure that proper procedures are followed and the movement of radioactive materials within the university can be tracked. Any transfers of radioactive materials between principle investigators must be pre-authorized by the campus Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).

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Package Preparation

All packages used to transport radioactive materials must be strong, tight containers that will not leak under normal transportation conditions (such as dropping, jarring, or temperature extremes). If liquid is shipped, use at least twice the amount of absorbent needed to contain the entire volume, in the event that the container should break or leak. If you are not sure the container you plan to use is adequate, contact Radiation Protection Services at (631) 632-6410.

Transportation on Campus

Whenever radioactive materials are transported from one building to another, Radiation Protection Services must be notified of the following information:

  • When the material will need to be moved
  • The names of the person sending and receiving the material
  • The sending and receiving locations
  • The nucleotide(s) being moved
  • The chemical form of the isotope
  • The total activity in mCi
  • The number of containers
  • Phone numbers and responsible persons
  • Any special conditions
Transporting Radioactive Materials by Foot

Prepare package using guidelines established under Package Preparation. The package must have a radioactive warning label with the isotope, activity, and date clearly marked. Clearly identify the principle investigator and one other contact in the event of an accident or loss of this package. The package must be wipe tested for removable contamination before it leaves its place of origin and after it reaches its destination. Contact Radiation Protection Services if any removable contamination is detected.

Transporting Radioactive Materials by Automobile

The NRC and DOT regulate the transportation of radioactive materials. You must not move any radioactive material on a public road without prior authorization by Radiation Protection Services. Remember that all roads on SUNY Stony Brook are public. Radiation Protection Services will prepare documentation and transport your material. The sender's responsibility is to contact Radiation Protection Services in advance and properly package all radioactive material.

Package the materials using the appropriate container (see Package Preparation). Label the package properly using a radioactive warning label with the isotope, activity and date clearly marked. A representative of RPS must check the condition of the package before transport takes place. A radiation worker must be present at the receiving location to take possession of the material at the arranged time.

Applicable Regulations

49 CFR 173.401 - 49 CFR 173.476 (Subpart I - Class 7 Radioactive Materials) NRC

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