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Radiation Badges

Radiation Monitoring Badges (Radiation Badges)

Employees, if part of their duties cause them to be potentially exposed to ionizing radiation in excess of 10% of the yearly maximum permissible dose, are required to wear radiation monitoring badges (radiation badges) to record their radiation exposure.  If an employee is involved with diagnostic or therapeutic administration of radioactive iodine in excess of applicable quantities, then they are required to monitored for internal radiation exposure.

If a personal radiation monitoring badge is issued to an individual, then that individual must wear the radiation badge at all times when working with or near a source of ionizing radiation.  Failure to wear the badge and return it for exchange puts the individual and Stony Brook University in non-compliance with New York State regulations. 

Badges are changed on a monthly or bi-monthly basis depending upon the status of the department.  A radiation exposure report is provided to the departmental radiation badge coordinator. Individuals are advised to review this report to monitor any exposure they may have received. If an individual receives a radiation exposure during a monitoring period that is unusual or excessive then RSO or designee will notify the individual and perform an investigation to determine the source and reason for the exposure.  

If you wear a radiation monitoring badge, it is important to know how dose reports are available to you. Out of concern for your privacy, monthly radiation dose reports will not be posted or given to your supervisor. Should your monthly dose exceed the ALARA 1 threshold, you will be contacted by radiation Safety, otherwise no further action is required. If you would like your radiation dose report, it is available at any time by contacting the Radiation Safety Officer, Sean Harling, at 631-632-9676. Or click the link below to request your dose report.

Click here to request your dose report

Click here to order a new radiation badge

Click here to delete or transfer a radiation badge

Click here to report a lost radiation badge

Radiation Badge Instructions

As a badged radiation worker at Stony Brook University, please pay attention to how you are wearing your radiation badge.  An accurate record of your radiation exposure is dependent upon wearing your radiation badge properly and exchanging them in a timely manner.

Points to Remember:
  1. Timely exchange of badges at each new cycle with your departmental badge coordinator.
  2. Wear your issued radiation badges whenever working in the vicinity of radiation.
  3. Wear your badges according to the type issued;

Chest Badge (Whole Body Badge):

  • Without lead protective garment:  Wear between shoulders and waist
  • With lead protective garment:  Wear underneath lead garment between shoulders and waist. 

Collar Badge:  Worn on outside of lead thyroid shield. 

Whole Body and Collar Badge Simultaneously:  Whole body badge worn underneath lead protective garment between shoulders and waist.  Collar badge worn on outside of lead thyroid shield.

Fetal Badge: 

  • If worn without lead protective garment:  Wear low in center of abdomen.
  • If worn with lead proactive garment:  Wear low in center of abdomen, underneath lead protective garment.

Ring Badge:  Worn on dominant hand with white portion facing inward and always remember to wear underneath protective gloves. 

How to quickly tell where you should wear your radiation badge(s):

Simply look at the rear of the badge.  The wear location will be indicated beneath the account/series number:

badge instrcution

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