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Biohazard Spills (BSL1 & BSL2)

Follow this procedure in the event of a spill.

  1. Alert people in immediate area of the spill.
  2. If you do not have the proper materials, or need assistance, call x333 (campus phone) or  (631) 632-3333 (cell phone)
  3. Put on protective clothing/PPE: closed lab coat, disposable gloves (double glove), disposable shoe covers, safety goggles, face shield, or respirator, as necessary.
  4. Cover spill with paper towels or other absorbent materials beginning at the edges of the spill and working toward the center of the spill.
  5. Pour a freshly prepared solution of disinfectant appropriate for the agent, (typically 10% dilution of bleach) around the edges of the spill, working your way to the center. Avoid splashing or creating aerosols when pouring the disinfectant.
  6. Allow appropriate amount of time for the disinfectant to inactivate the material (i.e. 30 minutes for 10% bleach). Place any disposable protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves into Regulated Medical Waste (Red Bag). Disinfect any reusable PPE before reuse.
  7. Once disinfectant has had time to work, replace any missing PPE and then use paper towels to wipe up the spill, working from the edges into the center. Dispose of in a Red Bag.
  8. Soak fresh towels with disinfectant and wipe up spill.
  9. Place used paper towels and disposable protective clothing/PPE in Red Bag and dispose of as regulated medical waste.

BSL 3 labs should respond as per their site specific Biosafety Manual.

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