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The generous support of our alumni and friends has  contributed to our ability to attract outstanding students. Your support has allowed the Department of English to  offer special scholarships to students, as well as to  provide experiential learning opportunities and support Departmental programming. These resources  strengthen the educational experience we are able to provide to our students.

Your generosity, whether it's the renewal of your support or the decision to give for the first time, allows us to do what we do best –   innovative, creative research and teaching. We’re most grateful for your contributions.  

English Students Recognized at the SBU Gala
English students Alexandra Rivera and Bella Gurevich , participants in the Stony Brook Women's Leadership Council
at the 2019 Stars of Stony Brook  Gala

How to Support The Department of English:

You can donate to the department directly through either planned giving or outright gifts, which often carry special tax incentives (details below)

1. Give Online

You can give directly online through the Stony Brook Foundation. You can opt to donate to the English Department Fund for Excellence, or any one of  our special awards.  (some examples are listed below). Just type the word English in the search for other Stony Brook programs box and select the specific fund you want to support.  Here is the link to the Stony Brook Foundation's  secure website.  

2. Give by Mail 

You can write a check payable to Stony Brook Foundation, Fund # xxxxxx, and mail it directly to us at: 

Department of English, Chairperson
Stony Brook University 
Humanities Building
Stony Brook, NY 11794-5350

3. Contact Us us to talk about your interests. We can help you match your passion with the best opportunity to give. 

We thank you for your support!

Funds that need your support:

The English Department Fund for Excellence (#550056) 
Read more
about the students you can support through this fund. 
English Graduate Students Travel Fund (#298750)
Read more about the students you can support through this fund. 
Thomas Rogers Prize Fund (#298730)
Read more about the students you can support through this fund.