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Applying for the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Online Program as Matriculating Student

Admission to the Electrical Engineering Online Program is temporarily closed. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to complete the interest form, and will be notified of updates to the program as they become available.


Applying to take BSEEOL Courses as a Non-Matriculated Student

Application Instructions

Students interested in taking EEO courses as non-matriculated students are advised to:

  1. Check the Curriculum Page to make sure that pre-requisites for the intended courses are satisfied.
  2. Reach out via email ( with Subject:  EEO Non-Matriculated Application with the following information:
    • EEO courses you are intersted in
    • Transcripts from home institutions to document that pre-requisite courses are satisfied
Application Deadline:

Spring: November 1
Fall: May 1

Note: Non-matriculated students are not eligible to receive most kinds of financial aid.