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Applying for the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Online Program as Matriculating Student

Please apply as a transfer student with this link.   The admission requirement can be found here.  For questions regarding admission, please e-mail to

For Spring 2020 admissions, we’ll accept applications on a rolling basis.  


Applying to take BSEEOL Courses as a Non-Matriculated Student

Application Instructions

Students interested in taking EEO courses as non-matriculated students are advised to:

  1. Check the Curriculum Page to make sure that pre-requisites for the intended courses are satisfied.
  2. Reach out via email ( with Subject:  EEO Non-Matriculated Application with the following information:
    • EEO courses you are intersted in
    • Transcripts from home institutions to document that pre-requisite courses are satisfied
Application Deadline:

Spring: January 10 
Fall: May 1

Note: Non-matriculated students are not eligible to receive most kinds of financial aid.