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1. What is the Ph.D. application deadline?

A: December 1.

2. What is the M.A. application deadline?

A: April 15, though earlier applications are strongly encouraged.

3. Must all of my materials be received by the deadline?

A: Yes. This includes GRE scores, all letters of recommendation and official transcripts. If you are unable to have everything in by the deadline, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator.

4. What kind of background do E&E students have? Must my undergraduate degree be in Biology?

A: The program does not have any absolute requirements for admission. Current graduate students represent a wide variety of academic backgrounds, nationalities, and research interests.

5. Can M.A. students have TA positions? Can M.A. students receive financial support from E&E?

A: Unfortunately, the department does not offer financial support for M.A. students. Loans and other financial assistance may be available through the university.

6. Is there a minimum GRE score?

A: No.

7. Is there a minimum TOEFL/IETLS score?

A: IETLS: Overall score of 6.5, with no subsection recommended to be below 6.
TOEFL: 90 for admission to the Ph.D. program and to be eligible for consideration for TA/GA support. 85 for admission to the M.A. program.
An IETLS speak score of 7 or below or a TOEFL speak score of 24 or below will require ESL remediation.


PhD Student Roadmap

MA Student Roadmap

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