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Ecology and Evolution Dissertation Defense
1:30 P.M. Monday, November 26, 2018, Life Sciences Building Room 038.
"Field physiology to build hummingbird daily energy budgets: Hummingbirds are energetically flexible"
Anusha Shankar, Department of Ecology and Evolution, Stony Brook University
10:00 A.M. Wednesday, November 28, 2018, Life Sciences Building Room 038.
"On the Evolution and Diversification of Andean Hummingbirds"
Marisa Lim, Department of Ecology and Evolution, Stony Brook University
Colloquium Calendar for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018
Wednesdays in Life Sciences room 038
3:30PM: coffee and refreshments
3:45PM: talks begin

08/29/2018 Introductory Ecology and Evolution Meeting
Title: All new and continuing graduate students, postdocs, research associates, faculty, and staff of the Program in Ecology and Evolution are invited to this annual get-acquainted meeting.
Host: Bob Thacker
09/05/2018 Robert Anderson,City College of New York
Title: Ecological Realism, Species Traits, and Hysteresis in Mexican Cloud-forest Mammals
Host: Lisa Prowant

09/12/2018 Roland Kays,NC State Univ.; NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Title: Making the Most of Wildlife 'Big Data' from Camera Trapping and Animal Tracking
Host: Jannet Vu

09/19/2018 Cancelled
Host: John True

09/26/2018 Maria Diuk-Wasser,Columbia Univ.
Title: Lyme disease emergence: a coupled natural and human system
Host: Liliana Davalos

10/03/2018 Chris Gobler, Stony Brook Univ.
Title: Harmful algal blooms: Factors promoting the expanding global threat to coastal ecosystems
Host: Bob Thacker

10/10/2018 Kirsten M. Prior,Binghamton Univ. (SUNY)
Title: Altered species interactions in a changing world: ecological outcomes and management approaches
Host: Jessica Gurevitch

10/17/2018 Dick Veit,College of Staten Island, CUNY
Title: Vagrants as Agents of Range Expansion and Speciation in Birds
Host: Michael Schimpf

10/24/2018 Christie Riehl, Princeton University
Host: Catherine Markham

10/31/2018 Cedric Feschotte,Cornell Univ.
Host: David Carlson

11/07/2018 Marjorie Matocq,Univ. of Nevada, Reno
Title: Genetic and ecological interactions in small mammal contact zones: transitions across space and time
Host: Elise Lauterbur

11/14/2018 J. Angel Soto-Centeno,Rutgers Univ.
Host: Liliana Davalos

11/21/2018 Thanksgiving break

11/28/2018 Peter M. Groffman,CUNY Advanced Science Res. Center; Brooklyn College.
Host: Stephen Baines

12/05/2018 Gábor Balázsi, Stony Brook University
Title: Testing the predictability of evolution with synthetic gene circuits
Host: Josh Rest
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