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Ecology and Evolution Dissertation Defense
Colloquium Calendar for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018
Wednesdays in Life Sciences room 038
3:30PM: coffee and refreshments
3:45PM: talks begin

08/29/2018 Introductory Ecology and Evolution Meeting
Title: All new and continuing graduate students, postdocs, research associates, faculty, and staff of the Program in Ecology and Evolution are invited to this annual get-acquainted meeting.
Host: Bob Thacker
09/05/2018 Robert Anderson,City College of New York
Title: Ecological Realism, Species Traits, and Hysteresis in Mexican Cloud-forest Mammals
Host: Lisa Prowant

09/12/2018 Roland Kays,NC State Univ.; NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Title: Making the Most of Wildlife 'Big Data' from Camera Trapping and Animal Tracking
Host: Jannet Vu

09/19/2018 Cancelled
Host: John True

09/26/2018 Maria Diuk-Wasser,Columbia Univ.
Title: Lyme disease emergence: a coupled natural and human system
Host: Liliana Davalos

10/03/2018 Chris Gobler, Stony Brook Univ.
Title: Harmful algal blooms: Factors promoting the expanding global threat to coastal ecosystems
Host: Bob Thacker

10/10/2018 Kirsten M. Prior,Binghamton Univ. (SUNY)
Title: Altered species interactions in a changing world: ecological outcomes and management approaches
Host: Jessica Gurevitch

10/17/2018 Dick Veit,College of Staten Island, CUNY
Title: Vagrants as Agents of Range Expansion and Speciation in Birds
Host: Michael Schimpf

10/24/2018 Christie Riehl, Princeton University
Title: Cheaters and Collaborators:  The Evolution of Cooperative Breeding in a Tropical Bird
Host: Catherine Markham

10/31/2018 Cedric Feschotte,Cornell Univ.
Title: Transposable Elements as Catalysts of Cellular Innovation
Host: David Carlson

11/07/2018 Marjorie Matocq,Univ. of Nevada, Reno
Title: Genetic and ecological interactions in small mammal contact zones: transitions across space and time
Host: Elise Lauterbur

11/14/2018 J. Angel Soto-Centeno,Rutgers Univ.
Title: Trends of Local Extinction Susceptibility in Insular Caribbean Bats
Host: Liliana Davalos

11/21/2018 Thanksgiving break

11/28/2018 Peter M. Groffman,CUNY Advanced Science Res. Center; Brooklyn College.
Title: Ecological Homogenization of Urban America
Host: Stephen Baines

12/05/2018 Gábor Balázsi, Stony Brook University
Title: Testing the predictability of evolution with synthetic gene circuits
Host: Josh Rest
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