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Awards and Honors:

  • Elise Lauterbur has just won the Ecological, Evolutionary and Conservation Genomics of the American Genetic Association.  ( see details )
  • Laurel Yohe (Davalos Lab has been awarded the highly competitive NSF postdoctoral fellowship.
  • Jose Moscoso Nunez (Padilla Lab)  received fellowship to work at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in 2018 summer.
  • Jannet Vu (Akcakaya Lab)  received an NSF graduate fellowship! One of only 3 from SBU.
  • Rima Madan (Research mentors: Dr. Patricia Wright, Dr. Daniel Dykhuizen, and Gena Sbeglia) has just been awarded URECA researcher of the month. ( see details)
  • Anusha Shankar received an award from the Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research.

  • Gena Sbeglia has been awarded a Sigma Xi travel grant by the SBU Sigma Xi Chapter.
  • Congratulations to Casey Youngflesh, who was just awarded a  NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship, which will support his research for up to three years.

  • Elise Lauterbur was awarded a Mamont Scholar Exploration Fund grant for her work on cyanide tolerance in bamboo lemurs.

  • Congratulations to  Alyssa Liguori, Nicole Bender, and Alex Borowicz on their NSF GRF awards!
  • Marisa Lim received the American Society of Naturalist Student Research Award!

  • Congratulations to Liliana Davalos on winning the College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Excellence Award!

  • Laurel Yohe has received the Anna T. Jackson award of the American Society of Mammalogy. As part of the award, Laurel will present her work in vomerolfaction at the plenary of the 2016 meeting, and receive funds for her travel and research.

  • Congratulations to Anusha Shankar for getting the University Mildred and Herbert Weisinger dissertation fellowship to work on hummingbird physiology in the field.

  • As a co-PI, with her colleague from Brown, Sohini Ramachandran (she gave a talk here a couple of years ago), Brenna Henn has been awarded a NIH grant.

  • Marisa Lim was awarded a DDIG award titled "Molecular basis of hummingbird distributions in the high Andes"

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