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Jessica Gurevitch, Professor ( CV)

Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1982

Plant population and community ecology, research synthesis


Office: LS638

Phone:  (631)632-8567

Lab Website: Gurevitch Lab Website

Google Profile    Research Gate

Research Summary:

Prof. Gurevitch was the Chair of the Department of Ecology and Evolution from Sept. 2006 to Aug. 2012.

My research spans several traditional categories within the field of ecology. While my work has always been concerned with addressing questions of basic scientific interest, I have attempted to connect the basic research to issues with applied and conservation relevance. I have carried out both experimental and quantitative measurement studies to address fundamental questions about plant populations and communities. I am also interested in statistical applications in ecology, particularly in research synthesis and meta-analysis, and in the design and analysis of ecological experiments. I have worked on extensive field studies of the demography of disturbance-adapted species including pitch pines ( Pinus rigida ) in the Long Island, New York pine barrens, and the demography of the invasion of spotted knapweed, Centaurea stoebe, on Long Island and in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York State.

In addition to carrying out scientific studies, I have co-authored and co-edited several books, including Design and Analysis of Ecological Experiments (Scheiner and Gurevitch 1993, Chapman and Hall; 2nd ed. 2001, Oxford University Press), The Ecology of Plants (Gurevitch, Scheiner and Fox, Sinauer Assoc. 2002, 2nd ed. 2006) and Handbook of Meta-analysis in Ecology and Evolution (2013, Koricheva, Gurevitch and Mengersen, Princeton University Press). In addition, I co-authored an early software package for meta-analysis in ecology ( MetaWin 2.0 , Rosenberg, Adams and Gurevitch, publ. Sinauer Assoc.) as well as a recent open-access package, OpenMEE (2013 with several collaborators).