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Economic Development Council/Stony Brook Start-Up NY Working Group Members

  • Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center: Director David Hamilton
  • Career Center: Director Mariana Savoca
  • Center for Biotechnology: Director Clint Rubin
  • Center for Corporate Education and Training & Center for Operational Excellence: Executive Director Pat Malone
  • College of Business: Dean Manny London
  • Economic Development Director and Research Professor of Technology and Society: Ann-Marie Scheidt
  • Facilities and Services: Associate Vice President Louis Rispoli
  • Government and Community Relations: Assistant Vice President Michael Arens
  • NYS Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology: Executive Director Satya Sharma
  • NYS Small Business Development Center: Director Bernard Ryba
  • Office of Technology Transfer and Industry Relations: Director Peter Donnelly
  • Sensor CAT: Founding Director Serge Luryi, Deputy Director Peter Shkolnikov, Director of Business Development Lawrence Weber
  • Stony Brook Incubation Programs: Director Matthew Stadler
  • Clean Energy Business Incubation Program: Associate Director of Business Development David Hamilton
  • Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) Program: Executive Director Imin Kao,  Associate Director Lisa Chichura
  • University Senate Representative: Robert Kelly
  • Vice President for Strategic Initiatives: Matthew Whelan
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