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 The 2018 Incubator   Showcase  will present to investors, government officials, attorneys, business services professionals, and the public, and will offer a glimpse at Stony Brook University's incubator companies and the technologies our entrepreneurs are bringing to the marketplace. This will be the third annual Incubator   Showcase celebrating the entrepreneurial culture built here at Stony Brook University and the individual success of each company at every phase. 

This event is free, but registration is required.  To register, please go to: 

Register Click Here

Some of the companies showcasing: Softheon, STS Global, Charmtech Labs, ZyDoc, Herbsgirl, Inc, Allied Microbiota, Sulfcrete, Re-Nuble, NueralNet, Modelize, Havelide Systems, Green Framework, Edgewise Energy, Bonded Energy Solutions, Energystics, ThermoLift, Brookhaven technologies Group, NextSwitch, UTS, ChemCubed, Sanworks, Mitani Group, Zortag,SyncroPET, Medpod, Alpha-1 Biologics, Sustained Nanosystems, Akai Kaeru, Polynova Cardiovascular, Applied DNA Sciences, P&L Technical Management Solutions Corp., Vascular Simulations, Intelibs, Qunnect, RDS2, Flight Partner, and many others!

For more information and directions, please visit:  


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