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E Source Says Gas Heat Pumps Are a Top-20 Technology of 2018 
E Source just named ThermoLift in the list of 'Top 20 Technologies and Trends of 2018'.
For 30 years, E Source has been providing market research, data, and consulting services to more than 300 utilities and their partners.  They work with thousands of utility employees and senior leaders across the US and Canada, arming them with the knowledge and guidance they need to adapt to ever-changing business and market conditions.  This guidance helps E Source's customers advance their efficiency programs, enhance customer relationships, and use energy more efficiently
Below is the excerpt from E Source's report published January 10, 2019:
“With gas companies feeling the heat to compete, gas heat pumps are making advances.”
                                                                                                                           by Zach Hamber
ThermoLift advanced Vuilleumier Heat Pump. HVAC product manufacturer ThermoLift, also in partnership with ORNL and the DOE, is developing an advanced Vuilleumier Heat Pump to provide heating, cooling, and hot water all from a single device. 
After successfully demonstrating efficacy in earlier prototypes, ThermoLift is now focusing on cost reduction. Heat pumps typically drop in performance in cold climates, but ThermoLift announced successful tests in November 2018, achieving COPs of 1.31 to 1.61 for temperature ranges –13° and 68° Fahrenheit, respectively (figure 13). 
To learn more about the tests, check out the ThermoLift article Groundbreaking HVAC Performance: ThermoLift demonstrates Heat Pump Surpassing DOE Targets.