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Director of Programs for Economic Development Urges Congress to Support Cutting Edge Defense Research

David Hamilton Visits Congress 2023
David Hamilton, Director of Programs for Stony Brook University Economic Development
March 27, 2023
Source: Stony Brook Univeristy Governmnet Relations, Capitols and Communities Newsletter, March 27, 2023

On March 15, Stony Brook University's (SBU) Direct of Programs for Economic DevelopmentDavid Hamilton met with New York congressional delegation members to advocate for increased funding for SBU’s joint research with the U.S. Navy. This joint cutting-edge research seeks to enhance the Navy’s energy resilience to improve energy security, operational capability, strategic flexibility, and resource availability. Much of the research looks to support the warfighter abroad by reinforcing the Navy’s foundation at home. “Right now there is inadequate funding to achieve military energy resiliency including energy storage research and smart grid communications and operations,” said Hamilton.  "However, with a $10 million investment and leveraging experienced energy university researchers working in concert with industry partners and the Department of Defense (DOD), we can continue the critical efforts needed to overcome our current energy resiliency challenges which will have a profound impact on energy infrastructure, helping to increase robustness, sustainability, and resiliency for the military and the U.S. power industry."