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Stony Brook University Incubators are located at the Research & Development Park in the AERTC and CEWIT, East Campus at LIHTI, West Campus at the BioTech Center, and eastern Long Island at the Calverton Business Park. Each incubator offers the support needed to be successful by offering workshops, assistance in business development and reaching benchmarks, camaraderie of other businesses growing within the incubators, mentorship from more established start-ups, labs to do research and professional space to hold meetings.


“As a resident start-up company, CEWIT is not only a physical space providing the lab and office, but also the single funnel connecting to the talented developers, partners and customers. As the inspiring advisor, Yacov Shamash and Satya Sharma guide us to move up to the next level.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                     ~ Seyong Park, President, Intelibs, Inc.


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