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The Entrepreneurial energy and economic strength of the University bring a combined benefit of $4.6 billion to the economy of Long Island. Stony Brook Economic Development has a remarkable record of fruitful collaboration with private enterprise. Through its high-technology incubators, Stony Brook has promoted the launch of 44 companies and will continue to set a pace under the Start-Up NY program. Designed to attract companies from out of state and to help start- up companies thrive in New York, Start-Up NY turns the Stony Brook University footprint, most importantly, the Research and Development Park, LIHTI, and the Calverton Incubator, into tax free zones, where selected industries can locate and establish research or manufacturing enterprises without any State or local tax liability for 10 years.


"Applied DNA Sciences has thrived in the ecosystem of the Long Island High Tech Incubator and the Stony Brook University campus. Dr. Yacov Shamash takes the time to understand our products and customers, and builds invaluable bridges to the campus, community and capital to accelerate our business. Ready access to biotech laboratories and equipment, students and professors expert in our science, and a broad array of employee training and business development programs have spurred our growth into government and commercial markets globally."    

                                                                                                                                                                       ~ Dr. James Hayward, CEO, Applied DNA Sciences